Quoting Quiverfull: Removed From Power?

Quoting Quiverfull: Removed From Power? February 24, 2014

by Kevin Swanson from Generations With Vision and reposted at Ladies Against Feminism – We’re Entering an Era of Truth

Friends, I am recommending that something be done. Honestly, there has to be something to be done about these rumors relating to Bill Gothard. Hopefully there are leaders, pastors, all over America coming forward. And there were so many churches working in tandem with Bill Gothard, through the 1970′s, 1980′s, 1990′s, I mean man, there must have been hundreds if not thousands of churches, that joined forces with this non profit ministry. It’s time that there be something of a church trial. I call for a church trial, if not a civil trial, there ought to be a church trial, absolutely. I would insist on it for myself if I were ever accused falsely of something like sexual harassment. Of course there should be a trial. Of course there should be witnesses brought forward. Of course there ought to be something of a formal trial and I would encourage this to happen within the body of some established church somewhere. Perhaps with a ministry, it really doesn’t matter but it ought to be amongst the church. Church elders, church bishops, call them what you will. They ought to exercise something of church discipline and determine the guilt or the innocence of the parties involved.

A Southern Baptist pastor writes a public letter, incensed, to the accused religious leader. He says, “I’m angry. By your behavior you haven’t just broken trust with your own followers. You have also contributed to the growing distrust the public now has of those of us in ministry. The gospel, which is what people need the most for healing, for meaning, and purpose is kept from many because actions like yours has broken that trust between them and those of us who are stewards of that story. To be honest, the most repulsive thing about what you did isn’t just the inappropriate behavior with young women, but that this behavior occurred in the context of an uneven working relationship. You abused the power and trust of your office to satisfy yourself rather than serve your people. And as the one with the power in the relationship, the blame for everything which has transpired rests squarely on your shoulders. As the stories of your harassment of young women and your abuse of power begin to spread they will in the eyes of the world grant legitimacy to the charges of misogyny, and chauvinism that is so often leveled at us all. This is what people will think when they think of their earthly leaders, the exact opposite of the truth, that Jesus gave of himself to give us freedom. I am profoundly saddened when I think of the way the gospel will be understood and the church will be held in suspicion because of this.

This man is passionate about what he says. He has a right to be passionate. He could be saying this about anybody. There is a host of examples of those who have led the breakdown of the Christian church, effectively the apostasy of the modern day, giving many, many, many millennials more an excuse to walk away from the church. Because they are disgusted with it. They are up to ‘here’ with it. These are the catalysts to apostasy. And friends, today we want to address this rather sensitive subject.

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