Quoting Quiverfull: Repent?

Quoting Quiverfull: Repent? February 18, 2014

by artist Kelvin Mann of New Zealand

by Kevin Swanson from Generations With Vision – Friendly Fire

Occasionally, people ask us if we get any push back from the world out there because of our strong calls to faith in Christ and repentance of the socially-acceptable sins of the day.

Those Christians who support the murder of children in the uterus, and promote sexual decadence, and work to undermine the biblical order of the family and oppose our efforts are on the increase.  Will they persuade me to recant? Not in this millennium.  If they take me out of context, create straw men caricatures, and generally make me look like a fool (along with Huffington Post and the most liberal media sources in the country), it makes me wonder whose side they are on. When the last few Christians have their backs against Helms Deep, fighting to defend the last few Christian values in the twilight years of the Christian West against 100,000 orcs, faithlessness and treachery prevail. Wormtongue is effectual in his influence on Theoden. Actually, yes.  Right now, oppression comes from three corners –  homosexuals who don’t particularly like Rom. 1:28ff and 1 Cor. 6:9-11; feminists who don’t particularly like 1 Tim. 3:9ff; and Christians who support abortion and abortifacients, homosexuality and feminism (or don’t want to offend those who espouse these things). That’s pretty much it.

I know that my reputation is shot with the world. But, I don’t really care.  I’m not the first one to be falsely accused and falsely represented “in the world.” What matters to me is that more of our listeners humble themselves, repent of their sins, and turn to Christ for salvation from their sins.  If they don’t repent of their materialism and existentialist me-centeredness, they’ll never give up on the abortifacients (and a hundre
d other corrupting forms), and they won’t be saved.  “Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.” If fathers don’t repent of their porn habits, and daughters don’t repent of their lesbianism and proud feminism, and sons don’t repent of their homosexuality and turn to Christ, they have no part in the kingdom of God.  This is the message we repeat again and again on our radio program.  I pray that some will listen, while the others take us out of context and mock.

Any Christian leader worth his salt needs to find something for people to repent of, and tell them to repent and come to Christ.  If you’re in America and you can’t find something for people to repent of (besides recycling aluminum cans), you need to get back into the Word of God and ask for a little Spirit-filled discernment.  Granted, telling people to repent of popular sins is not always fun.  For one thing, you have to repent of these sins first yourself (and that’s the most painful part of it!) Then, once you’ve repented of your sins and gouged out your right eye, the world will hate you for it.  They’ll take out your left eye for you.

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