Bill Gothard Scandal Finally Picked Up By Mainstream Media

Bill Gothard Scandal Finally Picked Up By Mainstream Media March 1, 2014
The Duggar daughters with Bill Gothard

The Washington Post ran a story yesterday that spoke of not only the allegations against Gothard and his removal as head of IBLP but also giving mention to other recent scandals involving sexual abuse in the Evangelical world. They interviewed some of the ladies Gothard preyed upon who’ve told their stories through Recovering Grace and also pointed out that the Duggars follow his teachings and that Bill Gothard has been embraced by many in the Republican Religious Right.

Read the entire article at The Washington Post Conservative leader Bill Gothard on leave following abuse allegations.

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  • esbeesue

    Recovering Grace and the people behind it have been working very hard to get the board to look into what Gothard has done to these young woman (34 have come forward) The comments written by those who were educated under Gothard teachings are also telling. What ultimately happens only time will tell. There are also many articles about the misinterpretation of scripture and the legalism promoted by Gothard.

  • Lauren Borrero

    Oh I have to agree. I happen to be a Republican I believe in God and whatnot but I do not in anyway support what Bill Gothard is doing. I just hope that the law can keep up with him and stuff. I also read that he was obsessed with wavy hair and curly hair. Any idea why he dosns’t like straight hair?

  • esbeesue

    Gothard has very narrow views on what he thinks beauty is- young, not overweight, long blonde hair with soft curls. It is known he had a “type” and that he would invite that type to be his personal secretaries, even if they did not have any skills in that area. Many young women who did not fit that image, no matter how well they were qualified, were overlooked or put in lesser jobs. Given that any man has a type he is attracted to, Gothard’s problem was that he foisted his very narrow beliefs on others as the only way interpretation of scripture and the only way God would bless, not allowing for individuality in personality, looks and life choices.