News: Duggars Drop Support of Candidate Over Lingerie?

News: Duggars Drop Support of Candidate Over Lingerie? March 28, 2014

From The Huffington Post – Jim Bob Duggar Drops Support For Candidate Who Represented Risque Lingerie Shop

Jim Bob Duggar, the well-known television patriarch and active Republican, has rescinded his endorsement of an attorney general candidate in Arkansas after it was revealed that the candidate once provided legal representation for a risqué lingerie shop.

David Sterling, a lawyer in North Little Rock, announced earlier this month that he would be running for state attorney general. Casting himself as an “unapologetic conservative,” he quickly picked up the backing of prominent Republican officials and groups in the state. Among them were newly elected state Sen. John Cooper, the Garland County Tea Party and Duggar.

As a lawyer, Sterling represented the company Cupid Lingerie in a suit against former managers, which accused them of violating a non-compete clause in their contracts when they established their own lingerie boutique. After The Huffington Post brought the 2009 case to the attention of Duggar’s spokesman, Sylvester Smith, he sent back the following statement under Duggar’s name:

Due to new revelations and recent developments the Duggar family has decided to withdraw its endorsement of David Sterling in the 2014 race for Arkansas Attorney General. The family wishes both candidates well, but will not be making any endorsement at this time. We will have no further comment on this matter.

Clearly, lawyers like Sterling should not be held responsible for the views, positions, or business activities of their clients. That Duggar felt the need to drop the endorsement anyway speaks to the squeaky clean image that he and his family hope to project. In addition to selling lingerie, Cupid Lingerie’s website also features porn, video on demand and sex toys.

The Duggar family, stars of the TLC show 19 Kids & Counting, has gotten involved in politics before, endorsing cultural conservatives like former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) and former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.). Along the way, it has preached the need for more morality in governance and public life. Four of the Duggar daughters recently released a book called “Growing Up Duggar,” in which they argue that pornography gives men a “distorted view of women that leads them down the path of immorality and guilt.”

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  • Oh, for Pete’s sake. The man represented a small business in a business dispute. If he had to approve of every activity of every client he represented, he’d be practicing out of a box in city park.

  • Nea

    Careful, Jim Bob. There’s not a lot of cash in being holier-than-thou.

    As for the girls preaching against pornography… their experience and basis of comparison would be…?

  • Trollface McGee

    I’m a lot less offended by an attorney who is doing his job and representing clients than a guy who has a reality show that centres around he and his wife’s ability to produce a lot of kids.

  • Catherine

    Unrealistic? No, I’m pretty sure my anatomy textbook proved the premise of “Deep Throat” to be wildly inaccurate.

  • Catherine

    Exactly–where are they learning about pornography in the first place?

  • Nea

    Seriously, why is anyone paying them to read the thoughts that have been put in their heads by someone else?

  • guest

    I guess Jim Bob should have done his digging beforehand. I can see his need to keep any alliances “squeaky clean”, but to endorse support and then pull it over something that happened five years ago is just… well, he can’t do right no matter what he does.

  • Nea

    I’m wondering if Jim Bob is truly that sloppy with the precious family name. Was he so careless as to not research in the first place? Or did he know all along, and did he *plan* all along on taking a course of action that would make him sound like a good enforcer of tribal boundaries while grabbing maximum publicity for the family right when they want to sell a book?

    There’s not much I’d put past a man whose only claim to fame is selling his family to reality TV.

  • Yeah, same with defense lawyers and even prosecutors.

  • yulaffin

    The attorney should be thankful the Duggars dropped their support. An endorsement from the Duggars is the kiss of death for any candidate.

  • Lauren Borrero

    I couldn’t agree more. The reality show is just sad.

  • guest

    “There’s not much I’d put past a man (and woman) whose only claim to fame is selling his family to reality TV.”

    I agree. And I think you may be right and this was his/her plan.