Quoting Quiverfull: Every Sperm is Sacred?

Quoting Quiverfull: Every Sperm is Sacred? March 22, 2014

by Colin Campbell from Meat For Men – Generational Fatherhood

Our Savior, Jesus Christ, was 42 generations from Abraham. He was “the seed” in the loins of father Abraham 42 generations before He was born.

Fathers, you do not know what powerful seed may be within your loins that could greatly influence the world for righteousness, even in FUTURE GENERATIONS.

Every child we stop from coming in this world, not only deprives the world of a child who has the potential to become a powerful influence for righteousness, but also deprives the world of future dynasties.

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  • Allison the Great

    The same argument can go for bad people too. Every time you stop a child from being born, you could be stopping another mass murderer or serial killer from being born. His argument is invalid.

  • Trollface McGee

    Huh, I thought Jesus’ father was God? And I suppose the mother’s eggs aren’t powerful, or anything she does. And dynasties… I study a lot of Chinese history… dynasties don’t end well, usually with war and mass execution of everyone in the family line… we don’t need more of that.
    But what’s most infuriating is the idea that all it takes to raise a great person is to conceive them. Children need to be raised and nurtured. What if some of the great people in history were born to parents who didn’t want them and ended up neglecting or abusing them? What if they ended up as orphans or sold into slavery?
    Not to mention that pregnancy stops a potentially great person from coming into the world. I mean, you get pregnant today and tomorrow was the day dad’s loins came out with the next Mozart. It’s a fascinating argument that manages to be stupid no matter what angle you look at it from.

  • Lana

    Yes, what someone said below. The funny part is Proverbs says that children are a blessing or a curse, but we only hear the blessing verses. I would not go so far to call people a “curse”; however, I can agree that it’s not enough to keep having children if you don’t have enough time to help them become good people.

  • Saraquill

    Ejaculate contains hundreds of thousands of sperm, and only one (rarely two,) ever make it into an egg. How many possible children does the act of procreative sex prevent from being born?

  • Surely God leads only the most viable, righteous sperm to the egg! I’m sure those other sperm aren’t really valid options for a good Christian family. Or something. Fairly sure God’s involved somehow…

  • Rebecca Horne

    What is this *supposed* to be an argument for? Cuz….it’s *actually* an argument for having as much sex as possible, by any means necessary, starting around 12 years old. Somehow, I don’t think that’s actually the point they want to make.

  • lodrelhai

    You haven’t seen some of the quotes from “True Love Doesn’t Wait,” have you?

    Yes, there are some out there who think waiting until your 20’s to start procreating is against God’s plan – though they do specify the “any means necessary” to mean “under the blessing of (a very early and arranged) marriage.”

  • lodrelhai

    It amuses me to no end that he thinks the greatness of Jesus is somehow due in part to him having Abraham as his forefather. As though if Abraham’s line had been broken, Jesus would never have been born. Apparently his God is a genetic alchemist, and must have the right dna in the right balance in order get the intended homunculus.

    I’d kind of figure that as, you know, all-powerful GOD, he could use anything available – or nothing available – to make what he wanted.

    And that’s not even touching what a mess the genealogies in Matthew and Luke are, what with missing generations and completely different lineages from David to Joseph; or that since Jesus was a virgin birth Abraham’s seed wasn’t part of his genetic makeup at all…

  • But if you’re having sex within a monogamous relationship, you’re automatically wasting seed!

  • Foo

    In fact there is a point where Jesus explicitly says that God could create “children onto Abraham” from stones.

  • Rebecca Horne

    I have -not- seen “True Love Doesn’t Wait.” That sounds…frightening.

  • Trollface McGee

    It’s terrifying. I used to have this character on some forums I’d do a Poe with and think I was clever with my suburban goat farm that I’d use to buy a bride with – I never came close to some of that crap they write on there.

  • texcee

    Hey, Hitler was once a sweet, cute little baby, the apple of his mother’s eye. How different would the world be if his father had just masturbated that night instead of having sex with his wife and conceiving one of the world’s greatest monsters?

  • texcee

    Only the godly sperm get to fertilize that sinful female ovum.

  • SAO

    There’s a great story by Roald Dahl about an older couple, who had 3 children who died in infancy, causing great sorrow. After a difficult pregnancy, the baby is born, healthy. The way the story is written, you’re rooting for the mother, until the last few lines when the doctors asks, “Well, Fraulein Hitler, what will you name the baby?” and she answers, “Adolf.”

  • Rebecca Horne

    Dare I ask–were you ever on Christianforums?

  • Trollface McGee

    No, mostly on Alternet and Raw Story. Poor choice on my part or poor acting, my Poeness was discovered far too quickly.

  • Fledgeling Feminist

    It’s a special kind of hubris to be so convinced of the “special godliness” of your own genetic material. So much so, that you are willing to cause great suffering to your own wife and children so that “future generations!” will benefit from your cussed determination to reproduce. He does realize that his future generations could well grow up and decide to be “worldly,” right? Can he live long enough to control his future generations?