News: Jill Duggar Engaged

News: Jill Duggar Engaged April 9, 2014

From People Magazine – Jill Duggar Engaged to Derick Dillard

Make way for a Duggar-sized wedding.

The famously expansive Duggar clan, stars of TLC’s hit reality show 19 Kids & Counting, will be adding a new son-in-law to their crew in the next few months.

Jill Duggar, 22, who is studying to be a midwife, recently revealed her courtship with Derick Dillard, 25, an accountant in Rogers, Ark. Now, she tells PEOPLE exclusively, the two are engaged to be married.

“I am so happy,” says Jill. “Our story is so very unique. The first time we talked, he was in Japan, we met in Nepal, he spent time in India and Israel and then came back to Arkansas where he met my family. We have a very international story even though we live so close.”

Jill and her younger sister Jessa, 21 – who is in a courtship with Ben Seewald, 18, of Hot Spring, Ark. – have shared the differences between dating and courting with millions of viewers. The girls, along with their sisters Jana, 24, and Jinger, 20, also explain those differences in their new book Growing Up Duggar, released earlier this year. Once the couple became engaged, they agreed that they would hold hands – a physical contact they decided to hold off until engagement. They will share their first kiss on their wedding day.

“I feel like I’m dreaming,” Derick tells PEOPLE of his engagement to Jill. “It was great to grab her hand for the first time.”

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  • Allison the Great

    Wow, that was fast.

  • brbr2424

    “The first time we talked, he was in Japan, we met in Nepal, he spent
    time in India and Israel and then came back to Arkansas where he met my
    family.” I don’t follow the Duggars. It sounds like she had an adventure in Nepal but all the other travel and adventure is all his.

  • Nea

    I notice that the author of the People article says he’ll be joining her family, not that she leaves hers.

    I hope that things go well for them after the excitement and novelty wears off and reality slinks in to stay.

  • Nea

    $5 says that the news wasn’t leaked until the engagement was already in the bag, lest she be publicly known to be jilted or a jilter if it went sideways.

  • Joy

    “It was great to grab her hand for the first time.”

    Umm, don’t you mean “hold” her hand? You know, treat her like the fragile delicate flower she is, I mean, since women are the “weaker” sex and all, you want to be gentle with her, right?

  • Trollface McGee

    Jilter… is it bad that when I read that I thought it’d be a possible name for whatever # next kid they have/adopt/grandparent to keep ratings up?

  • Trollface McGee

    The cynic in me is thinking that marriage is their new way to keep up ratings since they aren’t likely to have kid #20. I want to believe it’s genuine or whatever passes for genuine in fundieland but it’s a good thing that they live in a country that isn’t based on fundie values so that they have options if the marriage-for-ratings stuff falls through.

  • Independent Thinker

    Dear Lazy Media,
    Jill Duggar is not going to be a midwife under her current situation. To be a Certified Nurse Midwife able to practice in the state of Arkansas you must first have an active RN license, then complete graduate studies to obtain your certification as a nurse midwife by an accredited program, and then finally you must having a working agreement with a consulting physician. Plus go thru a lengthy application and licensing process. Translation you have to go to college which Jill is NOT doing. Perhaps she will some day deliver babies in a third world country for some ministry but she is not going to be working in the US any time soon.

  • Hannah

    There’s actually a group of people who call themselves Certified Professional Midwives (or lay midwives, or direct-entry midwives) who only require a high school diploma – and that was only after several states started cracking down on them. Basically it’s a group who certify themselves, follow mantras like “trust birth” and attend maybe a dozen births during “training”. They basically don’t even know how to recognize when problems happen, because women are “designed” to give birth and babies “know” how to be born, so even when things go sideways they have no way of knowing until too late. It’s terrifying, and they’re all over America. If you want to find out just how bad they are, check out the Skeptical OB blog. Sounds like this is the group she’s becoming part of.

  • Nea

    Oh, that’s going to make QUITE the special Duggar episode: “self certified midwife arrested on negligent death charge; baby and mother could have been saved by someone with proper training.”

    So much for pro-life.

  • guest

    Good point, Joy.

  • Anne

    Well isn’t this convenient… it’s becoming apparent that Jim Bob and Michelle are done pumping out babies (ratings will drop), so now the daughters are suddenly finding approved suitors. Now they can have a Next Generation show and keep raking in the dough!

    I also think some of this has to do with the fact that the youngest child is now 4, so maybe Michelle is feeling okay with letting some of her “helpers” go.

  • tulips

    Thank you for saying this! You beat me to it, but thanks for being on the ball. The media spin on her aspirations as a midwife horrify me. How about we just be honest? Jill Duggar, who has no formal medical training whatsoever or even accredited primary school level biology/human anatomy/chemistry, plans to provide medical care to pregnant women for money. If they were honest, the public outrage would shake the heavens.

  • tulips

    A chaperoned “adventure” to Nepal…to meet the person she will be marrying by arrangement. An UN chaperoned pit stop on the adventure he was already having to meet the person he might be “gifted” if he wants to.

  • Elle Bee

    Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) are midwives who are certified by an organization called the North American Registry of Midwives. NARM’s requirements for the CPM credential are appallingly low – you don’t even really need a high school diploma, just some distance learning courses and attending a ridiculously small number of births. CPMs are legally authorized to practice in a LOT of states in the US. Arkansas has authorized them to practice since 1983.

  • Lauren Borrero

    Well I don’t know what this has to do with being pro-life but I will tell you that the best way to avoid things like this is to make sure that your midwife has a college education. If I was having a baby I wouldn’t let someone without a college education in that kinda thing near me. I wanna survive child birth not die during it.

  • tulips

    Her pro-life stance is ironic because she will be directly responsible for the deaths of mothers and infants that could have been delivered safely if their care had been provided by medical professionals whose training included more than propaganda. There is no “maybe” about it. People die in childbirth even under the best circumstances…but what they don’t die of is negligent care and if they do it’s a BIG DEAL involving lawsuits, ethics boards, and loss of certification/license to practice. Little Miss Personal Responsibility is dodging both education appropriate to the task and accountability should her ignorance prove deadly.

  • Nea

    That was my point… women want to survive childbirth (and have their babies survive) and someone who does not actually have real medical training is going to be a danger to them.

    Unless hubby orders Jill to train for a *real* midwife job, it’s a certainty that her career will mean that it’s “God’s will” to “take a mother/child home” when someone with legitimate training could have saved them or called for help in time.

  • Nea

    $5 says that Jill’s using her mother’s births as her primary training and has even less experience outside her family than most.

  • Independent Thinker

    That’s the most disturbing thing I read all day. You can’t pay a person to do your nails who hasn’t gone to school to become state licensed but apparently they can deliver your baby.

  • Nea

    Not the first time religious purity was put over common sense.

  • Astrin Ymris

    You mean they prefer lay midwives because a nurse midwife might tell a woman that she shouldn’t get pregnant again for health reasons? Maybe even discuss with her HOW she can avoid future childbearing without *gasp* getting the husband’s permission to do so?

    The scoundrels! /sarc

  • Lana

    or maybe she is secretly saying no to the media attention. Maybe she’s slowly backing out.

  • Lana

    I can’t imagine never having kissed someone ever, and then suddenly sleeping with them on my wedding day.

  • Nea

    A nurse midwife is tainted by gummint training, understanding medicine instead of herbology and might even believe in evolution… or worse, not be the right flavor of Christian. Can’t be having a heathen witch like that touch a good woman, the baby might get secular cooties!

  • tulips

    Also, they are mandatory reporters and may very well recognize such things as depression or other mood disorders that may create conflict with the smile time model.

  • tulips

    Super….just..super creepy.

  • Astrin Ymris

    Is anyone else surprised that they show Jill and Derek doing something as salacious as the two-straws-one-drink thing in their promo picture? And… and… their ELBOWS are touching!

    ‘Spose they’re trying to make up for the PR damage caused by the “sidehugs” touch regulations, by evoking an archetypical image of the “innocent” fifties? Never mind that the teenage pregnancy rate peaked during the 1950s– they’re seen as a halcyon period when everything was good in ‘murica.

  • Rachel Heston-Davis

    That’s what I wondered. Maybe she wanted her courtship to be more private.

    Frankly, the relationship has more chance of being real and healthy if it was allowed to develop in private, without the pressure of “but we told the whole world we were together, on TV and everything!” Not that a courtship can ever really be private or just between two people, but it’s better than being onscreen.

  • Lana

    Yea that’s my main problem with courtship. I would want to sit down with the guy and say, speak frank to me whether you want to get married or lets talk about life . . .without the pressures of the family. But having the whole world watching would make it more difficult. Jessa will feel like she is letting down her model to the whole world if she breaks up.

  • brbr2424

    How convenient that these Duggar girl engagements coincide with their book launch.

  • brbr2424

    We in the unpure dating world certainly have that advantage. We don’t like to be grabbed at. Let’s hope the next book out of the Duggar baby factory isn’t a romance novel. His loins throbbed as he …grabbed my hand.

  • brbr2424

    Is helper a euphemism for indentured servent?

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    That ‘grabbed hand’ thing is just …errr….ummh… all sorts of red flag to me.

    One of my secular friends on FB sent me a link to this article and asked me if I thought this young man was a meth head. Had to tell her no, I didn’t think meth was involved, just a whole lot of Jesus juice or something.

  • Nea

    No, because indentured servants get to work off their debt. Helper is a euphemism for house slave. (I just read some horrible thing by a Pearl daughter where she was reminding herself that the house, the kitchen, and all the food in it was the property of *her husband* and it was her job to “reverence” him by using HIS food wisely and well preparing HIS meals.)

  • seculargal

    Regarding Midwifery:
    All I know is that when I saw Anna Duggar pop baby Michael out on her bathroom floor while being assisted by “midwives” I decided that these Duggar people really were completely and utterly bats**t crazy!
    Since Jill Duggar has been studying to be an undereducated midwife I can only imagine that her Headship, I mean Husband, might make the choice that since she’s birthed some other ladies’ babies that she should have zero problem doing it for herself. What a great way to avoid paying any medical costs – just do it at home by yourself! And if you die of complications or injure your newborn in the process then so be it. It’s God’s will after all.

  • Nea

    What a great way to avoid paying any medical costs – just do it at home
    by yourself! And if you die of complications or injure your newborn in
    the process then so be it. It’s God’s will after all.

    Got it in one.

  • Saraquill

    I imagine that it would be traumatic, made even worse by them feeling obliged to say that it was better than cake and rainbows.

  • brbr2424

    I just watched Philomena – a great movie. One of the many rackets the Irish nuns ran with regard to the unwed mothers was requiring 3 years of indentured servitude.

  • Indomable

    I can imagine it, cuz that was me. Fortunately i had done my research, and was on BC. so aside from much awkwardness it wasn’t terrible. Not great either. However, a lifetime of purity mindset did very efficiently kill my sex drive. We’re headed for couples’ therapy cuz once i realized i wasn’t obligated to fake enthusiasm on demand, the sexual dysfunction became all too evident.

  • Indomable

    Well, if you have a lifetime of repression, that first taste of physical contact is like wanting to scarf down your food when you havent eaten in a week. Kinda scares me for whats may be in store on their wedding night

  • Nea

    We probably already know, having read Debi and Michael Pearl’s descriptions of their wedding night. Him promising to love, honor, and cherish, followed almost immediately with him getting pissed that she asks him questions and him trying to best the bragging of the other boys in bed.

  • Nea

    Belated reply – this kind of thing shows up in Bollywood all the time because unmarried actors can’t kiss. So they do all these flirty things… which are kind of hot in a movie, but kind of sad in real life. Sad because it hypersensitizes – ZOMG, he touched my elbow! – when the LAST thing someone needs when deciding their future is to be carried away with the wicked thrill of sharing a soda when they should have a clear head to plot a shared life.

  • Astrin Ymris

    All I know about the custom is what I’ve seen in cartoons and movies– and it always seemed to be a precursor to a sex scene (or at least passionate kissing). Just sayin’.

  • SinginDiva721

    Didn’t she assist with Anna’s latest birth along with her sister (I think it may be Jana)? But yeah, her birthing experience probably comes mostly from her mother and sister-in-law.