Pensacola Christian College & Me

Pensacola Christian College & Me April 12, 2014

by Samantha Field cross posted from her blog Defeating The Dragons

If you’ve never meandered around xoJane, well, now is your golden opportunity. I’ve been a loyal reader for almost a year now, and it’s a pretty cool place. So, when an xoJane editor reached out to me and asked if I’d be willing to tell a piece of my story for them, you can imagine that my reaction looked a bit like this:

I’ve never really written out the entirety of what my experience was like after my rapist ended our engagement, although I’ve alluded to it a few times. I try to keep what I write about here focused on bigger-than-just-me things, although my story is a good example of what being at PCC can be like.

… Samantha’s article about her time at PCC is now up at xoJane – I Was Told I Needed To ‘Repent’ For Being Raped at My Christian College   **Trigger warning for rape, stalking and abusive theology**

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Samantha grew up in the homeschool, patriarchy, quiverfull, and fundamentalist movements, and experienced first-hand the terror and manipulation of spiritual abuse. She is now married to an amazing, gentle man who doesn’t really get what happened to her but loves her anyway. With him by her side and the strength of God’s promises, she is slowly healing.

Samantha blogs at Defeating The Dragons and is a member of The Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network

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  • Levedi

    I’m so sorry that happened to you. Thank you for speaking out about it and identifying how your experience was part of the culture of PCC, not an exception to it. PCC is an evil place. I had a friend, a brand new Christian, who went to PCC because she wanted to learn about Jesus. She called me 3 weeks into her first semester, in tears, convinced she wasn’t a real Christian because her roommate, RA, and dean had been heaping demerits on her for every little infraction – things that had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the Bible or Christ and everything to do with making the not-skinny, not-middle class, not traditionally feminine, not-sufficiently conformist newcomer feel like a worthless lump. I hate to say it, but she got lucky by being driven out of there before they could do worse to her.