Happy Mothers Day Open Thread

Happy Mothers Day Open Thread May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day!

Open thread in honor of the day. Share whatever you want, your victories or struggles as mothers, memories of your mother, or the latest whatever! Have a great day!

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  • I get a little nervous around Mother’s Day, and especially this one since my mother and grandmother both passed away recently. However, we pulled this one off well enough with a picnic in the park. All 10 kids and 2 grandsons were there. Two of my daughters are very pregnant and one of them is due today, so I wasn’t the only mother in the family today! Here is my photo post: http://virginiaknowles.blogspot.com/2014/05/mothers-day-picnic-in-park-weekend.html

  • Such sweet pictures, and what a beautiful family. I love the story about your daughter climbing the magnolia tree with her baby sister.

    My mother died when I was five, but I have some memories about her that I posted here:


  • Coleslaw, I love the stories of your family, especially the letters your mother wrote as a newlywed. You have quite a heritage!

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Mother’s Day used to always be a bad day. My mother and I never did get along and she had the tendency to call me up after a few drinks to tell me what a disappointment I was. However she’s pretty much stopped drinking and I’ve forgiven her for my childhood and we’ve been forging a new relationship since I left the cult. So the day no longer has the sting it used to.

    Would be hard to sit there and listen to various fake people opine about the wonderfulness of mothers at the old church so I started skipping the Mother’s Day service to go to the beach. Favorite Mother’s Day ritual of all times was what I called the Fifty Dollar Hot Dog Day. Drive the three hours to Virginia Beach, VA. spend the day with the kids on the beach and have lunch for all of us at the Dairy Queen, where four foot long hot dogs, drinks, chips and ice cream would run about $50. I loved those beach days!

    Now I have my oldest child of the three not speaking to me. The other two are good to me and make sure I know I’m appreciated. The eldest has been diagnosed with bipolar illness and has decided after some therapy that I was a bad mother. I’ve apologized many times for anything I may have done wrong raising her as a single mother before I remarried. She seems determined to hate me and punish me for things she remembers differently than I do. Yet I feel so sorry for her because her 12 year old daughter is accusing her of not loving her and being a bad mother. She’s getting treated much worse than she’s treated me already.

    I’m starting to see you reap what you sow. Better to treat your relatives gently and show forgiveness and grace. I’m enjoying friendship with my mother now but I’d love to stick the oldest daughter’s head in the paint shaker down at Sherwin Williams and shake it on high for a few hours. At least that’s what my dad used to say I should do to shake some sense into her head.