Quoting Quiverfull: Being an Abused Woman Makes You Sinful?

Quoting Quiverfull: Being an Abused Woman Makes You Sinful? May 23, 2014

by Jennifer Tritle at and cross posted at Ladies Against Feminism – Joy as a Tool of Dominion For the Abused Woman

Consider this scenario: Various women are abused as children. They grow up in conscious or unconscious guilt and shame. They subtly or ostensibly manifest fear, bitterness, depression, masochistic dependency, and/or sadistic domineering behaviors in their personalities. Undiscipled Christian men are attracted for various conscious and unconscious reasons to these women and take them for their wives. Perhaps these men enjoy feeling “strong” with a weak, fearful woman (a case of pseudo-masculinity). Or, perhaps they masochistically find comfort from the leadership (control) of the domineering woman. They marry, and their relationships form new family systems. These couples find difficulty glorifying God and enjoying Him because their abuse secrets are seemingly so painful and powerful that these secrets are suppressed and not brought to the light of God’s Word for correction and healing. This suppression leads to further manifestation of sinful and/or aberrant behaviors. Furthermore, these families produce children and struggle with training them, finding it difficult to differentiate between desirable and undesirable behaviors in their little ones. Within the church, these formerly abused Christian women and their families may attract women and families with similar characteristics while at the same time repelling or are being repelled by joyful families. Few families are conscious that this scenario is occurring within the redeemed community. Few elders are aware of this type of dynamic, and regrettably, few elders labor to disciple these families in order to stop their destructive behavior and to disciple a godly and joy-filled character within them.

The full article has copious amounts of theology by Rushdooney. Read it at Chalcedon

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