Quoting Quiverfull: Holding Leaders in the Church to Accountability is “Blaspheming”?

Quoting Quiverfull: Holding Leaders in the Church to Accountability is “Blaspheming”? May 6, 2014

by Stacy McDonald of Your Sacred Calling blog and Ladies Against Feminism – Blashphemed(sic) or Hallowed Be His Name

Again, Paul is describing the way we, as a Church, may cause God’s Word to be blasphemed when we falsely represent His holiness by teaching or living a life counter to His Word. That could be through unrepentant sin or by teaching a distorted view of Scripture.

And, if a teacher of good things is bound up in the inconsistency of a sinful lifestyle, he tempts others to, along with rejecting his sin, also reject those “good” teachings of his, and to embrace the very things that may further blaspheme God’s Word (rather than hallow it).

It’s not all about us. We should indeed care how our brothers and sisters are living and honoring God not only because we need to love them as ourselves, but also because we love the Lord our God with our whole heart, mind, and strength!

So, beware of self-appointed “doctrine protectors.” Any website, blog, or Facebook page that exists for the sole purpose of tearing down other ministries, or discussing, ad nauseam, the sins of someone else has major pride issues.

And, in their glee, they forget they may be just as guilty of blaspheming God’s name as the other hypocrite whose sin they can see so clearly. There is no place in Scripture that condones vigilante justice; and believers who play the judge, jury, and executioner on their blogs may be guilty of just that.

There are those who cloak their slander in a veil of feigned virtue, but in the end, they are no different than the woman who plays the busybody in church or the Pharisee who congratulates himself for not being like “other men.”

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