Quoting Quiverfull: How Can Accountability and Standards Be ‘Wrong’?

Quoting Quiverfull: How Can Accountability and Standards Be ‘Wrong’? May 31, 2014

by Karen Campbell at her blog That Mom – Patriarchy on Trial, part four

A new, organized, and clearly focused group of former homeschool students, motivated, in part, by the bad fruits of patriocentric homeschooling, have taken up the banner for homeschooling reform, putting the very good ideals at the heart of homeschooling at risk. Their legitimate concerns over some instances of sexual, physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse of children have resulted in their misguided call for state-operated control over all homeschooling and have even extended to their advancement of “homosexual rights” for homeschooled children. Though I have had similar concerns about treatment of all children, homeschooled and otherwise, at the hands of adversarial methods, I do not share the solutions being advanced by this group! Let me encourage you to read through their websites to become aware of their agenda. I believe this group poses possibly the greatest threat to homeschooling freedoms we enjoy today and has largely been inspired by the patriarchy movement.

About 15 months ago, before any of this latest patriarchy nonsense came to light, I wrote a piece entitled Kitty Genovese Christians, encouraging us to be ever vigilant and pro-active when we see wrongs being committed against others and teachings that are counter to the Word of God. Let me encourage you to read it again and then ponder what may be coming our direction in the future. Let’s continue to put patriarchy on trial now and be prepared to do so down the road!

Read the entire blog posting at That Mom

QUOTING QUIVERFULL is a regular feature of NLQ – we present the actual words of noted Quiverfull leaders and ask our readers: What do you think? Agree? Disagree? This is the place to state your opinion. Please, let’s keep it respectful – but at the same time, we encourage readers to examine the ideas of Quiverfull honestly and thoughtfully.

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  • How dare they suggest that homeschoolers and Christian colleges be responsible for their actions!

    Taking responsibility is for young people, black people and women, not older white men!

  • Nea

    Shorter version: How dare crime victims band together and demand reform and equal protection! I have worried about abuse too — not to the point of doing anything, but to the point of having opinions that nothing should be done. These victims do not agree with me and want changes to my unquestioned power, so they are scary others that must be opposed. We must police ourselves so that they will have no legal traction. In the meantime, read their statements so that you will fully understand how we have failed to police oursel- I mean, so you can understand their scary agenda.

    That she tells people to read the blogs of the abused and doesn’t think that anyone will notice the ABUSE is kind of funny, in a very tragic way.

  • Trollface McGee

    Because it isn’t about effectively teaching children, or about freedom – it’s about the ownership rights of parents over their kids.
    Abuse doesn’t occur in a vacuum, that’s why accountability is necessary, but accountability also includes pesky things like “homosexual rights,” (I’m thinking the right of a child to declare her or himself LGBT without retribution).
    What she’s suggesting is a non-mandatory reporting system, with people who are not trained in detecting abuse, who may not be able to observe the children in any meaningful way and may belong to ideologies that encourage abuse or blame the victims. That’s what they have now, and it’s clearly not working.

  • SAO

    So, what does she think is going to happen when a “vigilant and pro-active” person such as herself sees something worrisome in another family? Will she talk to their church? If so, what if they then leave that church? Will she call Child Protective Services?

  • Em

    You taught us to be culture warriors…..Yeah I’d be nervous too. This is the biggest threat to the powers that be in this subculture. Generation Joshua knows all your tricks and is used to standing up to your bullying.

  • Independent Thinker

    Here is the real problem. Certain sectors of the homeschooling community see way too many groups as threats. Gays, CPS workers, public school teachers, democrats, atheist, Muslims, pro-choice, working women, agnostics, feminist, women voters, the science community that doesn’t believe in biblical creationism, secular textbook writers, pop culture, television, most musicians, some artist, women that don’t dress modestly, any female in a leadership role, television, Hollywood, writers of non-Christian literature and some writers of Christian literature (like Joel Osteen), Oprah, female inventors, female doctors, female lawyers, female politicians, most female athletes, women in the military especially in combat roles, women wanting no children or small families, men wanting no children or small families, men who are comfortable having a wife be the breadwinner, birth control, taking prescription medication instead of herbal remedies, student loans, going to college for women and even some men, picking your own spouse, sex before marriage, remarriage, physical intimacy not including sex before marriage, introverts, women with male friends, males with female friends, co-ed sports or study groups, Buddhist, biracial marriage or couples (not stated by formally by courtship rules but quite obvious a standard), and I am sure there are a ton of other groups I left off the list. The bottom line is so many “threats” exist to patriarchal Christian homeschooling that it is bound to collapse under it’s own weight. A small organized group of former homeschoolers isn’t the problem. It’s the members of this community having a list of perceived threats a mile long and isolating everyone that doesn’t share their point of view.

  • Saraquill

    FUCK YOU madam, for frivolously using the name of a murder victim to suit your own agenda.

  • Fledgeling Feminist

    So real abuse is happening, even criminal acts, but the “state” isnt the answer. Which leaves the Family and the Church left to self police, which is how we got here in the first place.

    And god forbid “homosexual” kids have any defined rights. A massive suicide rate doesnt trump a parent’s right to beat them, drag them to fundy church, reparative therapy, exorcisms, and whatever else can be dreamed up.

  • gimpi1

    If, as she acknowledges, abuse is happening, and treating abuse as a crime (which it is) isn’t the answer, what is her answer? Self-policing? If that worked, the abuse that she acknowledges wouldn’t be happening, now would it? Why not treat a crime as a crime? Investigate, prosecute if warranted. Separate the criminal from the victim. Pretty basic. Why is “the state” not the answer unless it’s controlling the sex-lives of consenting adults?

    Also, an aside – what in the world does, “…’homosexual rights’ for home-schooled children…” mean? I have no idea what she’s taking about here.