Quoting Quiverfull: Michelle Duggar Doesn’t Trust in God For the Size of Her Family After All?

Quoting Quiverfull: Michelle Duggar Doesn’t Trust in God For the Size of Her Family After All? May 20, 2014

From NBC’s Today Show this morning- Duggars visit fertility doctor: ‘We would love’ more children, parents of 19 say

“We would love more children if God saw fit to give us more, I just want to make sure that I am ready to catch a baby if that would happen,” Michelle Duggar says as she goes to see Dr. Paul Wendel, an OB-GYN in Little Rock, Arkansas, who specializes in high-risk pregnancies.

“If I am in that season of life where we’re not able to have any more, then I’m fine, I ‘m happy with that,” Michelle says in the TLC clip. “But if there are things physically I need to know, that I need to do, healthwise just to be ready to catch a baby if God saw fit to give us one.”

Read the entire article and watch the video clip at the NBC Today Show webpage.

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  • Mel

    I had noticed on Free Jinger that Michelle had noted that she was going to the doctor to see why she couldn’t get pregnant.

    My first thought was “You are 47 freaking years old! That’s the reason you can’t get pregnant – your reproductive system is shutting down!”

    I feel bad for her because her entire life has revolved around being pregnant and producing new children. Now, as she enters menopause or peri-menopause, she has to find a new meaning in life…..

  • Brea Plum

    I think she also worries that, now that her older nursemaids…er, daughters…are marrying, she’s actually going to be stuck with the same childcare responsibilities that normal mothers have.

  • SAO

    Michelle is a poster child for menopause. Clearly, without it, she’d be having babies into her 80s, leaving a large number of orphans when she finally lets go.

    It did occur to me that if she had issues with a prolapsed uterus, it would be death to say so, but covering the ob-gyn visit with blather about babies would disguise it.

  • Mel

    I’m sure she must have some pelvic floor issues – bladder prolapse or something like it after a whopping 21 known pregnancies with 2 sets of twins.

    I wish QF women would be more open about their health issues. If women want to have a billion babies, younger women should at least be fairly warned about some of the real side effects.

    I don’t speak German, but there is a saying about “For every child, a tooth” which describes how elderly women used to lose one tooth from calcium depletion in the jaw for every child they bore and breastfeed. Dentists have calculated that modern women in the USA have about a two children to one tooth ratio. I’m curious, in a morbid way, to see if a higher ratio holds for QF moms since most of them are pregnant AND nursing for years or decades at a time.

  • What, she’ll have to be actually raising the children she’s been vaginally crapping out in to the world? Naaw, she’ll find a way to get out of that.

  • texcee

    “Catch a baby”???

  • CTOH

    I wondered the same thing. WTH is THAT? Does God throw babies out of heaven and hope someone ‘catches’ them?

  • Michele Tattoli

    As a dental hygienist, we have always been taught that having children doesn’t weaken the teeth or jaw. Poor oral healthcare does. If you brush and floss properly it isn’t an issue. It’s an old wives tale (or whatever they call those) but people still believe it. She should be toothless by now. LOL.

  • Nea

    Like a cold, apparently. *resists urge to make sexually transmitted disease joke*

  • Independent Thinker

    Doesn’t Nancy Campbell have “interns” move in to clean her house?

  • Nea

    Her whole identity is “the woman who has all the kids.” If she loses that, she not only loses standing in her community, the TV lights will go away and take all that lovely, lovely money with them.

  • Trollface McGee

    It reads to me like ‘catch a cold.’ Erm, you’d think after 19 of them, she’d know that’s not how it works.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    I keep imagining God with a basket full of babies slingshotting them down to the earth every time she says ‘catch a baby’

  • Trollface McGee

    Yep. They’re freaking out about the ratings. Hence the girls are all ‘courting,’ they’re coming out with books, book tours, Jim Bob is trying to get back into the political spotlight.
    I’d think though, with the books and the TV profits, they should have more than enough to live on. Too bad the Bible doesn’t mention anything about greed or vanity.

  • Jayn

    I’ve heard the phrase used to mean delivering a baby…but that doesn’t sound like the right interpretation in this context :/

  • Catherine

    If she’s trying to catch a baby…I think she’s doing it wrong 😉

  • Nea

    You’d think they have enough money, but that family uses a LOT of resources: electricity, water, heat, air conditioning in that mammoth house. And they spend extra for things like like tater tots and paper plates.

    I could imagine that the money goes fast.

  • Purple Shade

    Not quite.
    Studies have shown that pregnancy does have an effect on bone mineral density, and apparently it has been established that fetuses do leech calcium.

    However, that said, oral hygiene is undoubtedly the most important factor when it comes to teeth in particular.
    You’d have to have really poor calcium rates in the rest of your body for babies to leech it out of teeth, far more likely they’d take from the large bones and leave you with early onset osteoporosis.

  • Michele Tattoli

    I have so many patients that blame their cavities on being pregnant. The enamel of your teeth is the last place the calcium would come from. Osteoporosis doesn’t seem to effect the periodontal health. I am sure they are some very extreme cases but it is not common.

  • B.E. Miller

    Awww…. I wanna’ hear that joke.

  • B.E. Miller

    I was imagining God putting them in a trebuchet. It’s like pumpkin slinging!

  • L’Anne

    After that many, maybe they seem more like microbes.

  • CTOH

    Wait – that is EXACTLY what she is saying. She said ccould she ‘catch a baby’ if god saw fit to send her one”. Like conception is some sort of cosmic chance. all that i can find is that ist is some archaic phrase used MANY years ago when women has no concept of HOW people got pregnant. Michelle to use that phrase shows she is slipping in the mental area. She is at a FERTILITY clinic, and she is using 17th century superstition-based terminology!

    Women used to think they could ‘catch a baby’ (like a disease) if they shared clothes, cosmetics, a chair, a cup, with a pregnant woman, they would ALSO ‘catch’ a baby – like a cold!! OMG! The woman, Michelle, is going bonkers.

    Can you imagine if your entire life (or since you were sucked into this cult) that your ENTIRE reason for breathing was to breed, and that was taken away??? No wonder she is going mad. I winder if Jim Bob is looking for a younger brredder now, so that he can continue to fiull his quiver with arrows for Christ? I would NOT doubt this DOGMA (Since it is NOT an actual religion, per say, but a philosophy) would evolve to include multiple wives.

  • CTOH
  • L’Anne

    Their 19th child was an emergency delivery due to pre-eclampsia, a condition that becomes more likely for mothers over 35 and multiple gestations (oddly enough, a first pregnancy can also be a risk factor).

  • B.E. Miller

    Reading page…

    “Blowing an egg” heh heh heh… they said ‘blow’.

    Using only the missionary position. (A Victorian theory was that any other position was sinful and would create wicked babies)
    I feel like there’s got to be a joke concerning mpreg and ass-babies in there somewhere….

    I gotta’ read up more on May Day… I’ve seen superstitious stuff associated with Beltane before, but don’t remember half the stories.

  • Saraquill

    My thoughts upon reading the quote included whether or not she’s addicted to pregnancy and wanting one last fix, and if she’s going to consider surrogacy. This was soon followed by disgust-but-not-suprise at who she might get to serve as surrogates.

  • Lauren Borrero

    Yeah that and she is just too old to “catch a baby.”

  • You know… I’ve heard people call their children “little shits”… just never thought I’d run into anyone who thought that was literal… as for the “catching a baby” thing, well, I’ve always heard that pregnancy epidemics are credited with “something in the water”, I’ve just never found out where they KEEP that water, ’cause I’d have gone bathing in it when I was younger.

    Sixteen years without birth control and not even a near miss. Some people, ya know?

  • Mary Smithson

    Wow, what a bunch of nasty ass bitches that are reading and commenting here.

  • B.E. Miller

    When I was referencing ‘ass babies’ and ‘mpreg’ I was pulling from fan fiction. In fan fiction there is a genre called mpreg or man pregnancy. Of course, there is the bit about how does one get the baby out.. LOL. I’m mostly into science fiction.

    I did run into lady who called her daughter ‘a little shit’ (not in the kid’s hearing). She did that because in delivery, the staff kept telling her “Push! Push!” She pushed so hard she pooped on the table. She said she was completely mortified that happened. I asked her how the staff responded. She said they were very casual about it, just cleaned it up and kept on telling her to push.

    I told her I’m sure that’s happened to other women.

    Maybe that’s why some women refer to their kids as little shits too.

  • Oh, I knew about the whole mpreg thing. I read fanfiction too, and I write it off and on. And I’m very familiar with the associated scenes from “Evolution”, a movie that features something similar with a doctor having to extract an alien from one character’s backside and the consequences thereof in a post-credits/bonus scene.

    Kinda like some of the alternatives out there in the science fiction/ fantasy realms in terms of gender equality. When a culture has magical healing that can regrow limbs and restore life… well, let’s just say that two women having children can be possible in so many more ways.

  • B.E. Miller

    I did not get to see “Evolution”. I so should.

    And not only could two women have kids (in so many possible ways) but so could two men. Like if you could grow an artificial uterus for one! Or both.

    And that bit about technology re-growing limbs… I’m now suddenly seeing a woman being able to grow a penis and scrotum and all the equipment. That would put a new meaning on “grow a pair”.

  • *chuckle* For your entertainment… I have female characters who have done exactly that. In ohhh so many ways. I even have an entire breed of super soldiers for one setting who default to “dual gender” at the highest power levels. Gives a whole new understanding to all those bishie badasses sweeping the battlefield… *giggle*

  • B.E. Miller

    To me, if one wanted as many children as possible, then multiple wives would make more sense.

    And that would probably also cost more, if none of the wives worked. Though if at least half the wives worked, and the other did home stuff, it would help raise the family income.

    Edit: When I say worked, I mean working outside the home. I know that running a home (cooking, cleaning) and caring for multiple kids is a lot of work, especially if you believe in homeschooling them.


    I honestly thought the meant “catch a baby” meaning she would literally have to catch it as it fell out of her vagina when it was born. For all I know, after all the pregnancies and prolapses she’s had, any baby might be able to crawl out. 😉

  • Miscarriages are common in perimenopausal women. I think she’s just trying to make sure that if she *does* conceive, she can carry it to term. The way she phrased it makes it sound like she is not going to be trying to conceive.

    Though why she feels the need to say “catch” rather than “carry to term” is beyond me. I guess it goes with the imagery of God sending out babies from heaven and her “catching” one in her uterus.

  • Mark MacKay

    I’m just worried about their LGBT kids. And their female kids. And the boys in general. 18th century values for the 21st century. As a person of faith I pray that these children grow in an environment that values difference and celebrates diversity.