Quoting Quiverfull: Satan Did It?

Quoting Quiverfull: Satan Did It? May 14, 2014

Don’t know if anyone here has been following the saga of Flip Benham’s sons and HGTV. You remember Flip, he is the head of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America and one of the big early players in the Right to Life movement.

Flip organizes folks to carry signs, protest at any clinic that might offer abortion services and Planned Parenthood clinics. They block entrances, parking lots and try to harass anyone working at the clinic or visiting for any reason. Which is sad because there are lots of legitimate reasons to visit those clinics that have nothing to do with getting an abortion.

So Flip’s sons are all grown up and flip houses for a living. HGTV offered them a reality show helping people flip houses. HGTV greenlit this show and it was on track to happen. Until people realized these were the sons of Flip Benham, put pressure on HGTV to drop the duo because of their vocal anti-gay stance. HGTV cancelled the project rather than lose their viewers. Now the twins are fighting back on every media outlet.

The brothers seems sort of like chips off the old Flip block in many ways.

Last night they were on Glen Beck’s show.

From Raw Story – Fired HGTV hosts: Satan using his gay ‘demonic agenda’ to silence us

David Benham argued that they had been attacked by the same “spirit” that had been “punching nations since the beginning of time.”

Beck agreed, and connected that spirit back to Nazism in “eastern Europe and Germany.”

“We’re headed down the book-burning road,” Beck warned.

Jason Benham remarked that the “homosexual community” was not the enemy: “No, it’s God vs. the Devil.”

“And there’s a small number of people in this world that buy into the idea of this agenda that wants to silence people,” he opined.

“We are called to restrain evil so that good may flourish,” David Benham remarked. “Don’t force yourself on anyone. Don’t force your beliefs. That’s why we have the freedom of religion, and the freedom of speech, the freedom of expression, and the freedom of press, is because of this faith that is outlined in the Bible.”

Read the complete article at Raw Story

Did HGTV make the right decision?

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