Quoting Quiverfull: When You Graduate You’ve Accomplished Nothing?

Quoting Quiverfull: When You Graduate You’ve Accomplished Nothing? May 24, 2014

Recent graduation ceremony at George Mason University’s School of Business and Management. The professors and MBA grads filing in behind the bag piper.

by Matt Walsh from The Matt Walsh Blog – Congratulations, graduates: you’ve done exactly what you’re expected and legally required to do

(Editor’s note: While this isn’t necessarily a ‘quiverfull’ or ‘evangelical’ issue, it is something rather screwy that seems to go against all conventional wisdom. Particularly since for some kids just getting through high school itself is a major accomplishment. What is wrong with celebrating the hard work, dedication and accomplishment of someone else?)

But, I admit that I’m biased. This is all coming from the guy who even dislikes high school graduation ceremonies. Maybe I’m just a curdmugeon (sic). Or maybe I don’t like them because they’re way too long, and my family can never leave early because our graduates are always at the end of the alphabet. Or maybe I’ve noticed that the pomp and circumstance all feeds into the faulty notion that you’ve somehow accomplished something just because you completed the steps you were mandated to complete.

At the end of every high school graduation ceremony — staggering and gasping for breath after having spent 7 hours sitting on crowded bleachers listening to the principal mispronounce a lengthy list of names I don’t recognize — I feel like Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan.

Shot in the gut, bleeding to death, he looked up at Matt Damon and muttered, “earn this.” The point being that Private Ryan hadn’t actually done anything to earn the enormous amount of effort and sacrifice these other men assumed on his behalf. Similarly, high school graduates haven’t necessarily done anything to earn the steady stream of praise and adulation they’ve received throughout their childhood, culminating in this bloated, overlong pageant. They haven’t earned it, but now they can officially begin the task of paying off that debt (right after they go to the bank and take on another massive debt to help pay for college).

If I was ever asked to give a high school commencement address (which seems unlikely at this point), that would be my entire speech:


Earn this.

Thank you for your time.

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