From Thrift Shops to Trendy Boutiques: Jill Duggar’s Wedding Dress Search

From Thrift Shops to Trendy Boutiques: Jill Duggar’s Wedding Dress Search June 25, 2014

by Suzanne Titkemeyer 

or “How The Duggars Have Changed Very Dramatically Since Fame”

Remember all those times when the Duggars said ‘why pay retail when you can buy used and save the difference’ and poor Anna sewing her wedding dress and all the dresses of the attendants for her wedding and all the tales of fashionable thrift shop finds that the girls always clothe themselves in? It seems that has now been abandoned. 

Apparently saving money is much less high a priority.

. Jill had a $500 bridal princess private evening with food, music and ‘special surprises’ while they shop at an exclusive bridal boutique in my neck of the woods here in Virginia. They didn’t pay $500 for the dress, they paid $500 to have the shop open just for them and to be treated like royalty while Jill perused the gowns. For $500 I hope there was champagne included with those finger sandwiches and petit fours.

From the Fredericksburg Free Lance Star – Jill Duggar of TLC’s ’19 Kids and Counting’ bought her wedding dress in Fredericksburg

There’s some blathering about the Duggars stopping at Carl’s to get milkshakes but having to go get cash from somewhere since Carl’s only takes cash and no plastics at all. Carl’s is a F’burg tradition with delicious frozen custard treats in the pre-civil war era area downtown.

The shop’s Princess Treatment is a special service offered to brides about twice a month.

For a $500 fee, the bride and up to 15 guests have the shop to themselves after hours and get a spread of food, music and surprises throughout the appointment.

Rivera stressed that any bride can get the same treatment that Jill received.


The dress Jill chose is an A-line gown that originally had a sweetheart neckline and lace appliqués. It has Swarovski crystals and pearls and satin ruching at the waist, with a chapel-length train.

The seamstress added cap sleeves and added fabric to the neckline to make it less revealing.

Rivera said that originally, Jill didn’t want lace, but she encouraged her to try on several different style dresses in different fabrics.

She couldn’t reveal which family members came with Jill, but she said they were very supportive and gave her lots of positive input.

“They could give lessons to a lot of families. They had opinions, but they waited until she shared,” Rivera said. “I appreciated that—I’m the cheerleader for the bride’s opinion.”

Getting a dress ready in two months is a quick turnaround in the bridal gown business because of all the alterations usually required.

Not that there’s anything wrong with buying a new wedding dress or having it custom tailored, nope, not at all, that’s not my point. In fact, I’m surprised and happy that Jill was able to get something nice for the wedding.

Instead, I think this whole shopping spree is more indicative of something I keep pointing out about the Duggars that their most hard core fans keep denying –  their fame and money has changed, for better or worse, who they are and what they do. It makes a fair amount of what they push in their books and television show at best a little white lie.  Preaching about thrift, making your own laundry soap and only buying used and then turning around to hold a rather ostentatious boutique shopping party. If they’ve softened their stances, fine. Just come out and freakin’ admit it, stop pretending to be the same broke-ass fundy family trying to rub two old nickels together to make a quarter.

It’s been a trip watching how fame and ready money (1.2 million per episode now) have changed the Duggar family.  It will be even more entertaining watching what happens once the mega bucks and fame stop and the Duggar family is forced to live like regular schmoes again. Will we be treated to Duggar acts of desperation?

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Suzanne Titkemeyer is the admin at NLQ and prides herself on her sarcasm and healing from the fifteen years she endured in a cult like church. She’s been out almost eight years now and likes to point and laugh at things she once thought were important but now finds silly. She lives in Central Virginia with a husband and various animal critters.  Mostly she feels sorry for poor Jill Duggar Dillard and the rest of the Duggar children.

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