Patriarchs Behaving Badly: Who Would Jesus Pee On?

Patriarchs Behaving Badly: Who Would Jesus Pee On? June 22, 2014
What FFC had to say about their conference tonight – Our own Joy Creasman, FFC’s Director of Marketing and Events, had the unique opportunity to sing with award-winning artist Steve Green on Saturday night… she reflected, “The Lord opened the door for me today to get sing one of my favorite songs with the original artist, Steve Green. God is so good, all of the time.

This weekend Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition held a big conference in the Washington DC area at the Omni Shoreham Hotel – The Road to Majority conference which was described by one journalist as:

“a large group of white conservative Christians gathered in a large hotel and whipped into an ideological frenzy over their mutual hatred of all things Obama”

The conference speakers included Gary Bauer, Ralph Reed, Rick Santorum, Chris Christie, Herman Cain and Rafael Cruz (father of Ted Cruz). They spoke to advance Dominionism in this country, making no bones about their hopes to create a Evangelical Christian political nation. Topics included Reed encouraging people to burn IRS offices to the ground, blaming homosexuality for societal problems,  claiming anyone who didn’t vote the Evangelical Christian way was ‘stupid’ plus a million other offensive things and:

“Every section of society that has abandoned the Bible finds itself in sexual chaos and turbulence”

Sexual chaos? What exactly is that?

But those things barely register on the outrage meter compared to what the conference folks did to the urinals…..

….install President Obama figurines for the conference goers to, ah, er.. ‘go’ on.


Let me remind you that this is the same FFC that runs the big Prayer Breakfasts and hires folks like Jim Bob Duggar to speak at their shindigs. These people want to control everything you and I plan, do and think. 

So does that mean the Duggars are fine with peeing on the president? How do you praise God on one hand and then behave like this on the other hand?

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