Quoting Quiverfull: Christians Versus “The Sodomites”

Quoting Quiverfull: Christians Versus “The Sodomites” June 10, 2014

by Jeramy Anderson from Persevero News – Sodomy: A Cycle of Collapse

(Editor’s note: While Jeramy doesn’t define exactly what he considers a ‘sodomite’ it seems like he might be talking about the LBGT community, but he could be speaking about any group that doesn’t necessarily subscribe to his worldview.)

A good comparison would be that of a Homeschool family. Not all are Christian, but many of them are believers. It only makes sense, for the very reason parents Homeschool is because they do not want their children to be engulfed by a false worldview. Furthermore, as they align themselves with Scripture, they rejoice in children, desire to be good stewards by saving instead of wasting for the moment, eat meals together, worship together, see the Lord as the source of salvation as opposed to the government, and have a high demand for literacy in order to be able to read, comprehend, and studiously apply the Bible.

On the other hand, sodomites and those who heavily sympathize with them are much more likely to cling to government for salvation, die alone with little or no family, appease terrible enemies in the Halls of Islam, live well beyond their means in an effort to eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die, and absolutely hate The Living God that demands their repentance and submission.

Read the entire thing including Mr. Anderson’s reasoning on ‘adoptions by ‘Sodomites’ (whatever they are) being theft of children at Persevero News

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