Quoting Quiverfull: Mary Pride Marginalized by Patriarchy?

Quoting Quiverfull: Mary Pride Marginalized by Patriarchy? June 4, 2014

by Karen Campbell from her blog That Mom

Mary Pride was one of the first leaders in the modern homeschooling movement. Her book The Way Home was a powerful rebuttal of the radical feminist agenda and she minced no words as she made an appeal for rejecting all sorts of sacred cows. Mary was outspoken and certainly no model of the perfect patriarch wife and ruffled lots of male feathers. One of my fondest memories of homeschooling in the early days (nearly 30 years ago now) is of a conference in the St. Louis area with Gregg Harris, Michael Farris, and Mary Pride. (As I recall her husband also spoke.) Michael Faeris(sic) played his guitar and sang a funny parody of participating in “sword drills” as a kid and the whole thing had sort of a Christian hippy flavor. Yes, dads were encouraged to be involved, but Mary had equal status as a speaker and there was no weird talk of any of the stuff that would be found today. Mary Pride comes the closest to teaching something akin to militant fecundity back then, as she was intense in her passion for having lots of children. However, I don’t recall it having the dominionist edge to it that came along with Scott Brown and Phillips.

I do think Mary was marginalized as time went on simply because she is a woman who doesn’t fit their mold.

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