Quoting Quiverfull: Sex Ed Via Guinea Pig?

Quoting Quiverfull: Sex Ed Via Guinea Pig? June 2, 2014

by Marjorie Holsten from The Raw Story – Homeschooling Expert: Sex Ed is a Liberal Plot Make Kids Watch Guinea Pigs do it Instead

“People say to me, why would they teach such awful things to our children?” she remarked. “If you go deep down and you connect those dots, you see that when children are desensitized to sexual things, that affects their ability at a later date to bond with a spouse.”

“And so if you have somebody who can’t bond, they’re not going to have a stable marriage. When you have unstable, broken households, how do they vote? Democrat. So this has a very evil underlying intent.”

“They should learn it the way I did, by watching animals do it on the street,” Williams joked.

“Actually, that was how I taught my children,” Holsten admitted. “We started with a boy guinea pig…”

“What? You taught your kids sex-ed with guinea pigs?” Williams interrupted.

“Well, we had a boy and a girl guinea pig that clearly liked each other,” Holsten said. “You really couldn’t see anything because they’re big, furry little fuzzball things. I mean, that’s why there isn’t guinea pig porn movies.”

Read the entire article at The Raw Story

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  • Joy

    “And so if you have somebody who can’t bond, they’re not going to have a stable marriage. When you have unstable, broken households, how do they vote? Democrat.”

    Umm, what?What does someone’s marital status have to do with how they vote? (That’s a rhetorical question. I know that only “bad” people who are divorced, or wear pants, or send their kids to public school, or use birth control vote Democrat…”Good” people vote Republican.)

  • SAO

    In other words, people who are grounded in reality vote Democrat and people who live in a fantasy world or make up their facts vote Republican.

  • lodrelhai

    My rational side is always a bit boggled by things like this, because I sort of got the idea that the ‘good old days’ of family farms and children raised in innocence were an ideal in this crowd, but as this story shows if there are breeding animals around the question of “what are they doing?” will be addressed.

    My responsible pet owner side is cringing at indiscriminate pet breeding. I don’t know for sure if that’s what happened, but it seems likely.

    My twisted side read the last line of that quote and immediately thought, “And this is how ‘gerbiling’ becomes a thing…” (Yes I know that’s an urban legend.)

  • Nea

    Yeah, I hope the OP didn’t sprain anything during that wild leap to disconnected conclusions.

  • Mel

    “In an interview with radio host Jan Markell, Marjorie Holsten argued that the only way that schools could teach sexual education in the Common Core curriculum would be to waive obscenity laws in many states.”

    *Screams with rage*

    If I ever figure out who started the totally false Sex-Ed/ Planned Parenthood / Common Core bullshit, I won’t be held responsible for my actions.

    Common Core covers TWO subjects: Math and Language Arts. Next Generation Science Standards are for Science. NONE of the have a sex education component. How do I know this? I’ve been working on writing curriculum for the standards the the county level every damn summer since 2010.

    Don’t take my word for it. Go to the sites.



  • Mel

    My mother-in-law grew up on a dairy farm where she saw bulls and cows mating frequently. Even when her parents told her what was happening, she didn’t make the connection to humans until several years later.

    OT, but funny: My sister-in-law has two male bunnies in the same cage. One time during the winter, one of the males mounted the other male and started thrusting away. I dissolved into giggles because it looked like two of my childhood stuffed animals came to life and started doing it doggy-style.

  • Mary

    I think she’s wrong, actually. I think more educated voters and voters who marry later are statisticaly both 1) less likely to divorce and 2) more likely to vote for Democrats

    It’s not obvious what’s cause and what’s effect in these correlations, but if anything “stable household” implies “more likely to vote Democratic” not “unstable household.”

  • texcee

    Say WHAT?

  • Catherine

    Am I the only one who finds the idea of learning about sex by watching guinea pigs hilarious?

  • *forehead-rub* There’s a Rule to cover this… not sure if it’s Rule #34 or Rule #36… one is genderbending and the other is… well… If it exists, there is Porn of it. So yes, I have NO doubt that there IS Gerbil Porn somewhere on the Internet.

  • Anonyme

    My sister and I had two rabbit brothers like that when we were kids. It made them very touchy and I got bitten more than once. The bunnies were my sister’s idea. I look back and wondered why they weren’t caged seperately or sterilized…

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    I am sure it does and I haven’t Googled it. Just have run up across all sorts of weird stuff out there so you know it has to exist somewhere. For all we know these kids she taught sex ed by allowing them to watch gerbils have produced the stuff because they’ve imprinted on that as ‘sexy time’ thanks to momma.

  • Mel

    I should have said “had.” We moved them to separate cages a few days later since we assumed mounting behaviors were a sign of increasing aggression between the two. Now, they have cages next to each other so they can still see and smell each other but can’t bite or scratch.

  • gimpi1

    I’m pretty sure she dislocated a joint with that wild leap of ‘logic.’ Her landing was pretty rough too.

  • gimpi1

    Good to know. I guess Ms. Holsten is afraid of Math, Language and Science. Because people who can do basic math, communicate effectively and understand basic scientific principles tend to vote Democratic, perhaps?

  • gimpi1

    I think you’re right about that. Education is one of the more powerful predictors of voting-practices.

  • B.E. Miller

    Watching guinea pig porn; the new kink…

  • Lucreza Borgia

    Rule #35: If it doesn’t exist someone will make it.

    I would bet my husband’s left nut that furries have gerbil porn.

  • No takers on that bet, and I happen to know at least one Furry I could ask. But I’m not going to ask ’cause i don’t know that I really want to know… ya know?

  • Guest

    Guinea pig sex leads to broken home and voting for the democrat party! Quick, guard the young ones! Whatever will we do!
    Honestly, I don’t think my eyes are ever going to quit rolling.

  • LisaP

    This is just painful to read. Poor, poor little guinea pigs.