News: What Does Fundamentalist Evangelical Christianity Look Like in Politics?

News: What Does Fundamentalist Evangelical Christianity Look Like in Politics? July 27, 2014

jimcrowThrough the years the Christian Right has tried mightily to advance their culture and rules on the masses in our nation with somewhere mixed effect. Every now and then one of them with extremist views manages to get elected or win a primary. Southern Baptist Pastor Jody Hice just won the GOP primary for a senate seat representing the state of Georgia. He has some scary, not very Christian, Christian views. 

He believes:

  • The gays are planning on sodomizing everyone’s children
  • Compares abortion to Hitler’s gassing the Jews
  • Evolution is a lie from the pit of hell
  • Being gay is a choice
  • Compares being gay as similar to drug addiction, problems with alcohol, tendencies to lie and proclivity towards violence
  • Says the ACLU is guilty of terrorism
  • Says the Sandy Hook shooting happened because God is no longer in public schools.

From The New Civil Rights Movement – Pastor Who Warns of Homosexual Plot to Sodomize Kids Wins GOP Congressional Primary

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  • Nea

    I’d love to say he’s too extreme to win the regular election, but these days, who knows? It depends on what he says about taxes and how many people they can prevent from voting.

  • SAO

    Did these people come crawling out of the woodwork because Obama doesn’t look like a “traditional” president? Or was it the gerrymandering?

  • Bigots electing bigots…

  • MizzKittay

    Well, some Christian ideas are okay in law. Thou shall not steal/murder are actually good ideas for a society. That’s about as far as it goes though. The other person in America who really scares me is Michael Farris. Kevin Swanson refers to him as the “King of Homeschooling” he fights to prevent rights for children/disabled. According to “The Friendly Atheist”. Claiming things like spankings are okay. Which in my personal opinion gives children the idea is that its okay to deal with your issues by hitting someone else. It also teaches them that fear and intimidation works. I’m guessing these out of whack politicians you guys got going on down there had more than their fair share of butt warmings though. It really shouldn’t be the end all to be all for discipline. Far too many times parents lose their cool and that’s the first tactic they go to.

    Sorry to go off on a tangent. Good on NLQ for sharing these kinds of posts though. The more people you reach the more you can counter their ideas. Voting is what really matters. I hope more Americans make it to the polling stations loaded with information about the people they’re voting for. You can bet your best sunday shoes that the QF/P people are on the phones and pounding pavement for their representatives.

  • ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    I say that anyone who doesn’t vote when they are eligible to do so, has no right to complain about anything that comes along down the road as a result of the votes by the people who actually took part in the political process. Far too many people seem to think that their single vote isn’t going to change anything – if everyone thought that, by voluntarily removing themselves from the situation they are ensuring that even an extremist minority has a shot at getting into political power and successfully put into effect whatever twisted policy they like so it’s forced on everyone. The people who don’t vote because they’re only one voice are as responsible for terrible people getting political power as the idiots who think that these people are a solution and vote them in.

    If there’s any hope for protecting people from the results of someone like this guy getting elected, it’s going to come from an effort to educate and encourage the moderate and liberal-leaning citizens to vote – they don’t need to get enough votes to make it a landslide, they only need enough votes to prevent a minority from making themselves the majority.

  • Those aren’t really Christian ideas, though. They existed long before Judaism, nevermind Christianity. And you don’t need religion to come up with them either.

  • MizzKittay

    They aren’t exclusive to Christianity/Judaism. They are written into the Bible making it a part of that culture though. I would like to think that not murdering and stealing would be a universal concept spanning across the ages. I know I would be wrong as some ancient cultures practised such things like the Mayans and human sacrifice or the Romans and their colosseum also comes to mind. As for stealing if I don’t have any food and no means to get some and you do have food. I’m paying you a little visit in the middle of the night so I don’t starve to death. Survival trumps ethics.

    These are merely ideals for society. They aren’t always attainable or practical. Killing for self defence for an example is legal but will still needed to be proven in court. Likewise for stealing if it’s for survival a judge will likely show leniency.

    I never really made the claim to need religion in order to have a successful legal system. I’m merely saying that the two can partly overlap -in some ways- successfully. A good idea is a good idea no matter where it comes from. I do not believe any church or religious sect of any kind should be above the law. Law needs to trump religion and this is where we are failing.

    Survival trumps law, law trumps religion. This would be bliss.

  • ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    The problem that can come along when law trumps religion is with people who are religious and think that law *should not* trump religion. Those people might get upset enough to either run for political office, get themselves jobs in some sort of legal occupation or enforcement of law, or support the efforts to do either by people who believe as they do with their money and their time.

  • Trollface McGee

    And it’s not a concept that Christianity takes very seriously either – take the Crusades – religious people murdering, looting, pillaging in the name of the Lord. Take burning witches and the Inquisition.
    You cite the Romans and the Mayans – but all the deaths there were by the law(and Christianity had plenty of executions and wars and the Bible has plenty of examples of killing for God), extrajudicial murder and theft are always illegal in societies because it interferes with a functional community – the Bible is no way radical in condemning murder and theft (while not condemning things like rape, child abuse, torture, slavery).

  • gimpi1

    Here’s the warning call for all sane people in Alabama:
    You have been warned. If you vote Mr. Hice in, you are responsible for putting a dangerous person in power. SHOW UP AT THE POLLS!

    There truly are more sane people than crazy people, but crazy people will crawl across ground glass to support one of their own, while sane people will be apathetic. We sane folks have to take a page out of the crazy play-book and care enough to get out and vote.

  • MizzKittay

    All the more reason to keep religion and politics divided. I’m aware that is an ideal too. I do believe it is attainable though. The majority just need to cast their vote to be heard. The QF/P views that were expressed are a minority both down there and up here. The problem lies with wolves in sheep clothing. Hence the praise to NLQ for exposing them.

    I know some Americans who are not fond that the Vatican does not have to answer for its crimes. Actually I’m willing to place a bet that a lot Americans; even some Catholics, would love to see justice brought upon the Vatican.

    If people get angry enough something will happen. Tension in a string can only go so far before it snaps. We’re watching that string tighten before our very eyes. Though the more it does the more fundies will scream “Persecution!!” Whose really in the hot seat? Whose feelin’ the heat enough to do something about it. That would be the fundies. Indeed, they are doing something about it. Is the opposition rising the meet that challenge though? Is the opposition strong enough? If not it might be time to do some rallying.

    I do come from Canada so our thoughts and laws are slightly different. Forgive me if I don’t always hit the nail on the head when it comes to understanding American thoughts or laws. I sure as heck will try though!

    On a side note I’m very pleased about the insightful discussion. Really nice to get some varying opinions. I’m not trying to slam people or ideas or anything. I just want to try to help. At the very least encourage action. To do that I need to gain understanding. Especially if I don’t get it right that’s where I can grow and become more useful.

  • MizzKittay

    Touche Trollface McGee. All the things I mentioned about the Romans and Mayans were judicial killings. That thought didn’t cross my mind at the time of Melissias post. I simply thought she was going in a different direction. I can admit that was my bad for doing a bit of assuming there instead of perhaps asking for a clarification. Lesson learned for next time.

  • ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    Heck, I think that the whole bullet train project that Brown is working on here in California is somewhat silly, but despite that I see him as a fairly competent governor – much better than the last few that have been elected. The fiscal situation has improved thanks to Brown, and he’s held his ground when it comes to the usual cries for a share of the money that come whenever the state manages to be in the black when it’s annual budget time. I don’t know why the people up in Sacramento have so much difficulty with understanding that if they got the money to fund their various interests and programs, they’re ensuring that the state will be in the red by the same time next year. Unless the federal government decides to let the states start printing money, which would basically make our currency worthless, we have to work with the limitations of the funds we do have and honor our financial obligations so we can stay out of bankruptcy. I can almost guarantee that the alternatives who will be running against Brown in the next election are going to be less desirable and if the experience we had with a certain action-movie star being governor is any indication of what could be in store if the alternatives win, I’m going to cast my vote for Brown and hope enough people here do the same to save us from heading back into a downward spiral. Those liberal hipsters only seem to tend towards apathy at the times it doesn’t matter. 😛

  • Saraquill

    This is where I start chanting “No Gilead, no Gilead, no Gilead…”

  • B.A.

    Sometimes I’m so embarrassed to be a Georgian. Yes folks, there actually are liberal,progressive Georgians. You’ll find most of us in Atlanta,rather than in the small towns.
    I take offense when one of these idiots compares abortion to the Holocaust. First,both sides of my family lost distant relatives in the Holocaust. Second,Hitler was anti-abortion,NOT pro-choice. I guess these fools don’t study history. Or flunked it.