Quoting Quiverfull: Are These Stories Funny or Mean Spirited?

Quoting Quiverfull: Are These Stories Funny or Mean Spirited? July 15, 2014

from the Duggar girls book “Growing Up Duggar” pages 69 to 71. Yes, it’s long but there is no way to share for discussion without putting this story up in its entirety. Would not make sense in a truncated form.

Sharing Practical Jokes

Now, around our house there is a lot of fun and laughter throughout the day. Someone tells a funny joke or story, or plays a practical joke on someone, or someone does something that isn’t meant to be funny, but turns out that way. We love having fun together as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.

A few years ago the Bates family, who also have nineteen children, came to Arkansas for a visit and to help us with some tree work after a big ice storm had hit our area. One afternoon, Dad was running some errands with Grandma Duggar when they decided to stop for some ice cream. As they pulled in to the parking lot of the ice cream shop, they noticed the Bates van parked by the right side entrance, and they saw Mrs. Kelly and several of her kids in the store. Dad pulled up and parked beside the Bates van, and as he and Grandma were getting out, he saw the oldest daughter, Michaela, sitting in the van with some of the littlest Bates kids.

Grandma and Dad opened the van door to say hi to Michaela, and then Dad got an idea. “Hey, why don’t I pull your van around to the other side of the building to play a joke on your mom?” They all laughed at the thought of the  rest of the family coming out with hands full of ice cream cones and just assuming they’d forgot which side of the shop they’d parked on. Dad hopped in as the driver, and Grandma rode shotgun as they zipped around the back to the other side of the building.

But at that exact moment, one of the Bates girls in the ice cream shop (not to mention any names, but hers is spelled E-R-I-N) looked up and started screaming to her mom that she just saw some guy drive off in their van. Then they both started screaming for the person scooping the ice cream, “Call the police! Call the police! Someone just hijacked our van!”

The guy whipped out his cell phone and hurriedly dialed 9-1-1. About that time they saw the van reappear on the other side of the building with Grandma Duggar in the passenger seat wearing a big grin on her face. They were still in shock, but they told the guy on the phone with the police, “Oh, it’s just Grandma!”

Then they all came running out and told us how badly they had been frightened. But once their nerves had calmed down, everyone had a good laugh. Then they warned Dad, “Beware. What goes around, comes around.” And they assured him they would be looking for an opportunity to pull a little prank on him as well.

A few days later as Dad was burning a big pile of tree limbs that had fallen in the ice storm, he left one of the boys to keep an eye on the fire for a while. Mr. Bates got the idea to have one of the kids come running into the house yelling, “Fire! Fire!” and then everyone else was to cause a commotion like it was something serious. Well, it worked beautifully. We had never seen Dad move so fast! He jumped up out of his chair and quickly began filling up a big trash can full of water. Then he took off for the front door, hollering for help.

When he got outside, Mr. Bates announced this was Dad’s payback and it was all a planned joke. There was a fire, but it was just the same controlled burn Dad had left an hour before. We all had a good laugh, and Dad may have learned his lesson when it comes to playing practical jokes on the Bateses!

This story is followed by seven pages on respecting people!

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