Quoting Quiverfull: So TV is a Sin Now? Even JSTAR?

Quoting Quiverfull: So TV is a Sin Now? Even JSTAR? July 10, 2014

If this makes you want to have an orgy you have issues.

by Ronald E. Williams as posted on Stephaus Blignaut’s website Go Tell My People – The Christian’s PET SIN

Christians do not indulge in Hollywood cesspool movies, rock music, drug parties, wife-swapping, sodomite steam baths, mixed swimming, nude shows, prostitutes, etc. They shun these wicked pleasures of the world, nor would they allow their children to participate in this wickedness. Yet in the privacy of Christian homes all of the above evil practices are on TV in full color, extolled; held up as proper and acceptable behavior and encouraged. Bible Christianity on the other hand is mocked, scorned and made an object of derision. Even the so-called good shows attack Bible values. The news programming has a palpable leftist, liberal slant to the point one could wonder if Moscow sometimes prepares the newscasts. The time-wasting sports keep countless Christians out of church on the Lord’s Day and many others from Bible reading, family altar and prayer. One looks in vain to discover redeeming features of this medium of mass media that has become so wicked that it is so thoroughly enjoyed by the world and now has become the pet sin of Christians

(Editor’s note: Hey! I swim in the pool with members of the opposite sex, plus I sit the steam room at the gym. No nudity or sex going on and it’s all quite innocent with same amount of flesh showing as you see swimming. Dude, it’s way too hot for sexual activity, you’d pass out from exertion and heat stroke.  Also, rock music? Really? Why?)

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