This is What Happens When a “Good Christian” Replies….

This is What Happens When a “Good Christian” Replies…. July 11, 2014

by Suzanne Titkemeyer 

Most of you have been following SJ Reidhead’s series Christian Reconstruction, ATI, Abuse and Submission: Modesty and Lust, here and at her blog The Pink Flamingo , that sprang out of NLQ’s posting in Quoting Quiverfull of the take of modesty of one Stephanus Blignaut. It’s been an interesting read because it’s pretty clear that SJ is better educated and knowledgeable on the history of fashion and modesty than Mr. Blignaut. Stephanus Blignaut has no historical basis for his thoughts, only—you guessed it—The Bible!!

The short history for those of you who haven’t been following the series. SJ left a comment on Blignaut’s website, he responded with an email filled with vitriol disguised as  the words of a Godly man and she replied in a mature straight forward fashion to his demented Bible ravings. 

Now this: his latest response. I have redacted a few names of folks not actually involved in this discussion that Blignaut has cited. SJ is choosing not to respond to him because he’s a creep who is going to take the opportunity to delve into his combination of self righteousness and Biblical mental masturbation again.

A “Godly” response from a “Godly” patriarch who thinks SJ is “UnGodly” because she will not “Submit” to his “Authority”

Dear SJ Reidhead,

The Pastor Paris Reidhead we are talking about is obviously not the same person you refer to. Although his wife’s name is *****, his daughter’s name is *****. The two of them, *****, and her mother *****, are still keeping the ministry of their father and husband alive to this day. And it is through this ministry that we have benefited spiritually. He believed in total depravity, totally contrary to what you are saying. And he repeatedly exalted the Apostle Paul in the very same testimony. If you go on the list of sermons that are downloadable you will see that the vast majority are from the letters of Paul.

His own wife, in her own writings about him, calls him Pastor Paris Reidhead consistently, she never refers to him as reverend.  She also majorly uses the King James Version which you said he hates.  It’s so funny that his wife and daughter uses it if he hated it so much.

Many times he specifically quotes other well known preachers and even ancient church fathers to show that there are others who also believe the way he does.

You can also listen to some sermons from their website or request them to send some to you free of charge. The following topics. Love not the world. The Right Use of the Law. Hating sin. Keeping the Commandments. Especially Ten Shekels and a Shirt, where he specifically deals with the humanist gospel and  utilitarian Christianity. This might throw some light on some questions you have. Already in my last letter I told you you should listen to Ten Shekels and a Shirt. But I can see that you did not. Your uncle Paris would have cleared up a lot of your problems that you have with conservative Christianity. You would have seen how profitless humanism and humanistic Christianity is.

We also were on your Pink Elephant blog (joke 🙂 I also have some humor and much laughter)<

Most of the bashing you are doing there does not seem to make you a humorous or happy person. And it seems like you can do with both of these yourself. Lighten up. Life is not that bad. Not even Bill Gothard. Nor Vision Forum have “recreated the United States into a nation in “his own image”.  And they are as far as the east is from the west removed from being “nasty, abusive perverts” as you refer to their character on your blog. I know they will never call you a thing like that even though you are not speaking very nice about them. Actually, I wonder if ten percent of Americans even know of their existence. You are making a mountain out of a mole’s heap. Or maybe it only reveals your own true nature when people read your blog. You actually do yourself harm by the way you talk of others. Really. Lighten up a little. Life is not so dark.

Life is actually like a jawbreaker. You know that candy? Hard but sweet and nice.

You should listen to the things your uncle says in his sermons and then you can bash him as well on your blog. Because he says things that are no different than what Bill Gothard teaches.

Oh, another thing. If you want to use my response please post the whole letter not just part of it. You are actually infringing on copyright law. New copyright law determines that even a letter is copyrighted. So I ask if you want to quote me, quote my whole letter and my entire response.

Thanks for posting our letter on the Internet without our permission. Maybe you will make us famous 🙂 . Anyway, if you’re going to infringe the law anyway, please include the whole letter.

We are also not King James only people, although it is probably one of the best translations. We also love the RSV and ASV. Take notice it says ASV, American, let me say that again. AMERICA!   Man, I love this country!  And God has favored this land. Some of the greatest spiritual leaders were born and raised in this land. But she is not without her problems. And sometimes even failures. But what country in all the world has the general consistent testimony of this land. Land of the free and the fair.

Humanism is self destructive. And the democracy it produces always ends up in tyranny. Politics is all about defending what is right in government. The humanists will defend their humanist truth because they believe it’s the truth and right. The true Bible believing Christian will defend the Biblical truth in government. It will always work for Biblical reconstruction in every area of society whether it is your personal walk, family, church, local or national government. The humanist will stand for his humanist worldview and the Christian will defend with a Biblical worldview. There is no peace between the two and never will be. Because Christ Jesus said He did not come to bring peace but the sword Matthew 10:34. He did come to give peace but not as the world gives. The peace He brought is that between the sinner and His Savior.

But then there is a kind of Christianity that sits the fence. It’s the kind of Christianity that your uncle teaches about. And he is plainly against it. You should really check out what your uncle really believed. Obviously you don’t know him at all. It’s amazing that you could grow up around your uncle and never really knew what he believed. It is his kind of Christianity and other faithful men who have kept the saltiness of the Gospel in this great land. And without a doubt is one of the reasons why God still has great favor on this land. America! The Beautiful! It remains ours to defend and protect with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ – the Bible.

SJ Blignaut
God bless you on your Damascus Road.

Where to even start with this block of smug self-righteous poorly written text?

First of all, how dare Blignaut tell anyone that they do or do not know their own flesh and blood very well. Here’s a clue, usually family members get to know each other all too well over the course of a lifetime. Endless holidays, vacations and visits help form a pretty accurate picture of who someone is and what they actually believe. Much more informed that some internet pontificator with no first hand direct knowledge of the actual person.

Does Blignaut really ‘know’ Reverend Paris Reidhead? Has he met Reidhead? Nope. His opinion on who Paris Reidhead actually was and what beliefs he had is apocryphal at best, crass assumptions at the worst.  He’s heard a few ancient sermons, read about Paris Reidhead and come to conclusions that might or might not be true. You know what they say about assuming things.

His insistence that SJ Reidhead go back and relisten to her uncle’s sermons is ridiculous! She knew Paris Reidhead and has likely developed a familiarity with his sermons beyond anything Blignaut has.  With this email Blignaut is providing a perfect example of why ‘Conservative Christianity’ has devolved into a poisonous cult completely devoid of the love of Christ or even love for Christ. It’s turned into a group of powerful weaklings who practice their politics while turning off the masses from Jesus, exactly the opposite of what Christ commanded us to do.

Blignaut also is laboring under the delusion that intellectually dissecting flawed theology is somehow ‘bashing’ said theology. This has to be because the cultish fundamentalist churches he admires treat having any independent thought or questioning the status quo as ‘evil’ Keep drinking the poisoned Koolaid and don’t think is what they prefer.

Also, defending men who have taken advantage of their leadership positions to pressure naive young ladies to have varying degrees of sexual relations while married to others is pretty sickening. Blignaut is approving of the statutory rape and sexual harassment of young ladies by both Bill Gothard of ATI and Doug Phillips of Vision with his own words. The sad thing is that both of those guys would likely be in jail by now if they’d not been defended by the likes of Blignaut and other “Good Christians”. Rapists should be punished regardless of theological bends. It’s against the law and it’s against God’s law.

Saying that someone does themselves harm by the way they speak to others is laughable because it’s more true about the writer of the email than the recipient. Out of the mouth comes the abundance of the heart. I’m surprised Blignaut didn’t call SJ that fundamentalist buzz word ‘Bitter’, which translates to ‘Bitch’ in every day language.

Life isn’t like a jawbreaker, it is what you make of it. If Blignaut’s life has been like a ‘jawbreaker’ he’s going about it all the wrong way and using bad analogies to explain it. Jawbreakers either rot or break off your teeth.

Blignaut fails at understanding copyright law as well. Do you know when sharing an email is considered not violating a copyright law? Do ya?—“the purpose of the replication or distribution was to comment on or to criticize it.” Which makes what SJ did and what I’m doing now perfectly acceptable under  internet copyright law.  Since the email exchanges are of a non-commercial nature they are even less likely to be covered by copyright laws.

Thanks Blignaut for loving this country, but………people like him are the reason many in other countries look down upon our nation as a haven for hate, disrespect of others, entitlement issues, stupidity and everything banal and execrable. His views add to that. And yes, there can be no peace between Religious Pharisees and everyone else in the country, at least not until the Pharisaical start behaving as Jesus commanded, leaving their hate behind.

America was founded on the basis of religious liberty. That means not only do we as citizens have the right to practice our religion, it also frees us from the tyranny of others seeking to force us to practice their faith. That’s an awesome thing! But conservative Christians like Blignaut seek only to force us all into their version of faith. It’s not one size fits all. Thanks for trying to spit on the Constitution, buddy!

And for that last bit. Blignaut obviously has zero self-awareness to be engaging in his hateful tone in this email. He is a perfect example of everything wrong with the conservative Christian movement. Don’t be like him and call yourself a Christian. Some days, I swear, I’m ready for Jesus to return and kick these folks out of the temple.

Disgusting, hate filled and useless. A blessing from this guy would probably open up a curse, if you believed in the whole blessings and cursings thing that many Evangelicals do.

Stephanus Blignaut is merely pissed off that ‘some woman’ dares not to submit to his false authority.

Read everything by Suzanne!

Suzanne is an empty nester lives near Washington DC with her husband, cats and various rescue birds. She has a very low tolerance for theological bs or modern day Pharisees and is also the administrator of NLQ. Was raised Catholic in South Louisiana before falling in with a bunch of fallen Catholics whom had formed their own part Fundamentalist, part Evangelical church. After fifteen uncomfortable years drinking that Koolaid she left nearly 7 years ago. Her blogs are True Love Doesn’t Rape and Seeking The Light

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