“19 Kids & Counting” Duggar Fans Got Trolled

“19 Kids & Counting” Duggar Fans Got Trolled September 16, 2014

michellejimbobby Suzanne Titkemeyer cross posted from her blog True Love Doesn’t Rape

We’ve written and posted too many times here at NLQ about TLC’s Duggar family, the stars of “19 Kids & Counting”.  You can almost tell how well or not so well the show is doing in the ratings and when the premiere of the new season is by the flood of Duggar family related news/gossip that floods the internet. ‘The Duggars stop for bagels!’ or ‘The Duggar Family says all drag queens need Jesus!’ Ridiculous minutia everywhere to keep people talking about the show and the Duggars so all that sweet, sweet cash will keep coming on in like manna to TLC and the Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar compound.

Last season there was some rating slippage and suddenly we’re treated to Jill Duggar’s engagement, marriage and pregnancy. This season Jessa Duggar is the bride-to-be/lil’ ratings grabber.  More ‘exclusive’ articles have been churned out by journalists on everything from choosing Jill Duggar Dillard’s wedding dress to Jessa Duggar’s wedding registry and more. Enough Duggar-related info to choke a mule. The Duggar coverage is so complete that any day now I’m expecting to see a People magazine online article on if the Duggars hang their toilet paper over or under. Sometimes, hell, most of the time, this tsunami of Duggaralia is too much.

So when an article appeared online this weekend at a satire site saying that “19 Kids & Counting” had been cancelled because it had come out that Michelle Duggar had supposedly given birth as a teenager to a mixed race child many Duggar fans actually believed it, not bothering to stop and consider the only source for this information was a dubious site that doesn’t understand how satire and parody was supposed to work.  There was a lot of angst on Duggar message boards and in some comment threads over this misunderstanding, commentary had to be erased at a couple of places due to some of the racist statements made by Duggar fans.

The Epoch Times, another site related to The National Report wrote a bit about the story being made up on a satire site and pointing out that Duggar fans had shared it thousands of times and thought it was real. This isn’t the first time that The Epoch Times has had to explain that poorly thought out parody on The National Report is not true. TNR needs to rethink what they consider funny because they surely missed out on this one.

The site that pulled this very unfunny prank was The National Report – 20 Kids and Canceled – Michelle Duggar Gave Birth To Mixed-Race Child in 1986. The saddest thing about the article is this all too true statement about TLC’s programming.

In 1991, TLC shifted its educationally oriented programming content to a more reality-based model, after the channel’s parent company declared bankruptcy.  The Discovery Channel purchased TLC, altering its lineup to reflect a more sensational tone.  Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Toddlers & Tiaras, Extreme Cheapskates and America’s Worst Tattoos now dominate its broadcast content.

They missed a golden opportunity to actually make this all be truly funny, they could have posted an episode synopsis of “19 Kids” visiting this fake-child of Michelle’s and doing something way way way out of the Duggar comfort-zone, such as having the Duggar’s celebrating Kwanzaa with the new child. Think of the comedic possibilities, Jim Bob’s obvious discomfort with another race, the new son trying to be too friendly to his hot new sisters, the general awkwardness of the entire situation.

Duggar fans need to start considering the source on information about the family. People magazine legit, The Onion parody. Still, it’s pretty comical to think how many people believed this and were eager to believe that a fifteen year old Michelle had a child she gave up for adoption.

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