News: Jack Schaap Denied Sentence Reduction

News: Jack Schaap Denied Sentence Reduction September 2, 2014

schaapTurns out that the federal judge handling First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana’s former pastor Jack Schaap’s appeal on his conviction is not swayed by Schaap’s arguments that his lawyers lied to him and that his victim’s sexual history should be considered. Last week Judge Rudy Lozano threw out Schaap’s appeal, citing that Schaap was recorded at the original case pleading being asked if he understood that by taking a plea deal and pleading guilty he was giving up any right to file an appeal. He also stated at that time that he understood he could be sentenced to as much as life imprisonment for his crime.

Judge Lozano’s remarks:

“This court repeatedly asked Schaap if he understood the possible sentence he could receive was 10 years in jail and that the maximum was life imprisonment, and Schaap confirmed he understood,” Lozano writes in his ruling.

“Schaap’s conduct was egregious,” Lozano says. “Under the rouse of conducting religious counseling to the minor victim, he arranged for her to be transported from Indiana to Illinois twice, and from Indiana to Michigan once (for several days) so he could engage in sexual acts with her which are prohibited by law in those states.

“Clearly, Schaap’s sentence does not violate the Eighth Amendment.”

Full article available at Post Tribune Sun Times – Judge rejects Schaap bid for sentencing reduction in sex case

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