News: Jim Bob Duggar’s Rules Apply Even To Married Duggars

News: Jim Bob Duggar’s Rules Apply Even To Married Duggars September 27, 2014

usmagazineby Suzanne Titkemeyer

More Duggars in the media this week. Both Jill Duggar Dillard and Jessa Duggar are on the cover of US Weekly and they’re talking about the expectations of their father carrying over into their entire lives. Very ridiculous rules considering his adult children are just that, adults, capable of making their own rules and knowing their own minds.

So what are these rules?

Both Celebitchy and E! Online have a partial list of the rules that Jim Bob Duggar demands all of his numerous offspring keep, even the married no longer living in the Duggar compound adult children.  Well, perhaps the text sharing one isn’t enforced or practiced after you get married.

Here is the short list:

Parents Are CC’d on Texts: Yes, at 20 years old your mom and dad may be peeping your text messages. Once Ben Seewald jokingly wrote to fiancée Jessa, “Give me a ring.” Jim Bob’s reply? “No ring yet.” Oh, and his response was complete with smiley face emoticon. On the bright side…at least they don’t have to worry about naked selfies?

Dates Are Chaperoned: Parents accompany their children on dates in order to maintain their “accountability.” It “keeps things from going in the wrong direction,” explains Jim Bob. Likewise, the girls are comfortable with their parents’ presence, noting that being alone with men puts them in grave “moral danger.”

No Chest-to-Chest Contact Until Wedding Day: Side hugs are the preferred method of PDA in order to prevent any further temptation. And boy, do the Duggars sure love their side hugs!

Don’t Drink Alcohol: In the eyes of the Duggars, booze is a buzz kill. At a past event, Jill and Jessa accidentally sipped spiked punch. Jessa’s reaction? “Disgusting!”

They’re not allowed to listen to the radio: Michelle explains that dancing encourages “sensual” feelings while Jessa warns that modern day music is “promoting sex, drugs, all that type of stuff.” Instead, the family chooses to play gospel together.

They’re not allowed to celebrate Halloween: According to the Duggars, magic and witches are “part of a demonic realm God wants us to stay away from.” No hocus pocus here!

They’re not allowed to go to the beach: While there is Duggar-approved swimwear available for purchase, other beachgoers prove to be problematic for the religious clan. “It’s just too hard for the guys to try and keep their eyes averted,” Michelle explains.

All I know is that TLC must have a huge budget for publicists and press agents considering every time you turn around there is something completely inane in the news about the Duggar family. Dreck ahoy! I know more about the Duggars lifestyle and tmi moments than I do about most of my close friends because of the media around them.

Expect to hear more about this family before the weekend is over because today Jim Bob Duggar will be speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington DC on his favorite top – the evils of abortion. He loves to call it ‘Baby Holocaust’. Pretty sure TLC isn’t going to promote that, but you never know.

I would love to know what that publicity budget is for “19 Kids & Counting”

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