World Magazine Featured Vyckie’s Story!

World Magazine Featured Vyckie’s Story! September 29, 2014

vyckie-garrisonIf you had told me that one day World magazine would ever mention Vyckie Garrison in a positive light after she left her Quiverfull lifestyle I would have busted out laughing and asked you if you were insane. Seriously? Never ever happening!

So when I saw that World magazine had declared the Quiverfull movement as a movement in its decendency and told part of Vyckie’s life story as to why it was a harmful thing I had to make sure it wasn’t raining cats and dogs and million dollar bills outside. Opposites day. Was I having an antacid flashback?

Here’s what World magazine’s Janie B. Cheaney had to say about the Quiverfull movement:

Movements come and go. If you’ve been involved in homeschooling for decades you can probably remember several, each with its gurus and dynamic speakers. The contemporary “Quiverfull Movement,” which encourages large families with reference to Psalm 127, either stands on its own or dovetails nicely with other Christian family philosophies. But I can tell you this: It won’t save America. It won’t even make a dent. As much as we love or hate the Duggars (who don’t claim to represent the Quiverfull Movement anyway), families like theirs will never be a significant slice of the population.

I was reminded of this recently by Vyckie Garrison, a refugee from Quiverfull who describes her awakening in an online article titled “Escape from Duggarville: How playing the good Christian housewife almost killed me.” Her experience is similar to that of other women I have known and heard of: dedicated to an ideal of biblical familyhood with Father as head and Mother as loving helpmeet and a half-dozen or more industrious and obedient children. Garrison describes herself as totally devoted to the ideal until the day she couldn’t take it anymore and fled to a women’s shelter. Later, while in therapy, her counselor introduced her to the “Power and Control Wheel.” To every spoke of the wheel, Garrison could apply a Bible passage that had been used to beat her into submission. Nothing could be clearer: She was in an abusive situation.

Read the entire article at World Magazine – Drop The Movement and Back Away Slowly

Thank you World magazine for honestly examining the issue of harmful extra-Biblical Christianity.

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