Free Jana Duggar?

Free Jana Duggar? October 27, 2014

janaduggarRadar Online had an interview with a man who was raised in an enormous Quiverfull family, Paul Lamar Hunter, 19th of a total of 21 children. He had a few succinct things to say about Jana Duggar raising her own siblings during an interview to publicize his new book, No Love No Charity: The Success of the 19th Child.’

Jim Bob and Michelle need to stay at home with their children and let Jana have her life,” says Hunter, who grew up in Rancine, Wisconsin. According to Hunter, his own mother was rarely home because of her devotion to a homeless shelter, leaving her children to run the household.

“Those children are not Jana’s responsibility. She is an adult who [probably] wants to have fun with her friends and go on dates,” he says.

“She might despise her parents and confront them later on in life,” Hunter tells Radar, adding, “My family experienced the same situation and it ended with some of my older siblings not speaking with my mother.”

Read the full article at Radar Online – Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar “Need to Free” Their Children, Says Former Child of 21-Sibling Family

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