Quoting Quiverfull: Choices?

Quoting Quiverfull: Choices? October 24, 2014

twinsby Adeye of No Greater Joy Mom – Fighting For LIFE!

You remember this lady? She’s the one that is adopting the four frozen embryos from another mother who will not be using them. She plans on being implanted in December and is unconcerned that other pregnancies using embryos from this mother have resulted in profoundly disabled children. Now the clinic is asking that they agree to a selective reduction if more than two embryos implant. Adeye is having none of that. Because Jesus.

Here’s the questions. Is the clinic being responsible or overstepping their bounds by trying to ensure no more than twins will be carried full term? Should you be allowed to make possibly bad choices that impact everyone in your family sphere? Or is this all part of the over the top kid-collecting that goes on in Quiverfull? Should the guys with the white straight jackets come for you when you keep insisting on doing risky behaviors because of religion? Is there a point where personal choice should end?

We make our own choices every day.  We choose whether we will vaccinate our children or not.  We choose whether we will eat organic food or not.  Circumcision, tattoos, piercings—they’re all our choices. We choose whether we will educate our children by homeschooling, private school, or public school.  We choose whom we will marry and where we will live.

A woman can walk into any Planned Parenthood and demand an abortion—even in the second trimester.

Questions don’t get asked.

Apparently it’s her right to choose that too.  And how dare anybody tell her differently!  “It’s MY body and I’ll do with it as I choose!”  I read a bumper sticker the other day.  It said, “If it’s not your body, it’s not your choice.

And so it was rather shocking to us when we received a letter in the mail last week.  A letter from the clinic where I am scheduled to do our embryo transfer in December.

“Therefore, before considering or requesting to transfer more than two embryos, we ask our patients to agree in writing that they would have a selection reduction to a more safe twin pregnancy if triplets should result. This must be an ironclad decision made before any transfer of more than two embryos.”

Who knew that there was a new, more PC way to talk about ABORTION?  Not me.

I called the clinic to make sure that I was understanding their requirements correctly. Indeed, if we transferred more than two embryos into my womb and they all survived, and IF by some miracle (a 1 in 300 chance, I believe) we were pregnant with triplets, one baby would have to be “selectively reduced.”


Really, really!

So what about MY right to choose what’s best for MY babies and MY family in MY body?

Perhaps that only applies when you want to destroy life, not GIVE life!

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