Quoting Quiverfull: It’s All About Sex With the Duggars?

Quoting Quiverfull: It’s All About Sex With the Duggars? October 6, 2014

seewaldfrom US Weekly Magazine Issue 1025 October 6, 2014 – The Duggars Rules of Romance

The article in US Weekly is like the gift that keeps on giving stupid all the time. From another small side panel in the article.


How to have it, how to squash it: The act gets major screen time on TLC

On ’19 Kids and Counting’ (TLC, Tuesdays, 9 PM) Michelle frets about Seewald (Ben, Jessa’s fiance), who moved into a warehouse on the family compound, making a “mistake” with Jessa. “Ben realizes the responsiility before God and Jessa’s daddy,” she muses. Jessa, on the other hand, shares that no sex before marriage is a “good motivation” for a short engagement.

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  • Anonyme

    What’s this “mistake”? Did Jessa and Ben have sex before marriage, or am I missing something?

    Also, I bet Jim-Bob is glad that Ben moved to the compound. Now Jessa will never get a chance to see the “real world”.

  • Saraquill

    It’s modest to be obsessed with the state of your child’s genitals? Then to share that on TV and gossip magazines?

  • guest

    Guilt trips! So many guilt trips! Just keep piling them on your kids, Duggars, because that makes you righteous.

  • Joyce

    “Ben realizes the responsiility before God and Jessa’s daddy”

    Just wow. What year is it? AD 14 ? No hiding that they look at daughters as property. Very creepy.

  • It sounds to me like Michelle is worried about a possible “mistake,” not that the “mistake” has already happened.

  • “No sex before marriage is a good motivation for a short engagement.”

    Now, don’t get me wrong – I see no reason to be engaged one day longer than you have to. Once you’ve decided to get married and you’re SURE you’re with the right person, why put it off? Heck, I was only engaged for 3 days.

    But if you’re “motivated” to have a short engagement, that’s not a good thing. If you feel like you actually need the longer engagement for whatever reason, you should HAVE that longer engagement. So have sex already and stay engaged, if you want.

  • She might have a point. I was a heathen who had all.the.sex and was engaged for five years before we finally relented and married because insurance. 😉

  • Nea

    Of course it’s all about sex. It’s the only thing they’re famous for when you think about it. They’re not the only TV “ministry,” they’re not the only reality show, and they’re not the only yokels traveling the world while thinking they’re superior to all other cultures – but they’re the ones who do it like bunnies!

  • Nea

    For all we know, a mistake involves having an unmonitored conversation.

    Of course Jim-Bob’s delighted Ben moved in. Now he can keep his daughter on a tight leash/in front of the cameras despite her attempt to leave and cleave, plus he gets slave labor.

  • Independent Thinker

    We moved Ben into a warehouse on the compound really doesn’t sound much different than we kept our slaves in a makeshift shack at the rear of the property.

  • JaneSmith100
  • Handsome Beautiful

    It just good…..!

  • Eloquent Kolobok

    I am fully convinced that the reason hey had Ben move in is to force his and Jessa’s relationship forward. It is clear they do not belong together for many reasons, not the least of them being that he’s an idiot in the truest sense of the word. He’s under educated, over filled with Jesus juice and thinks he’s god because he has a pair. When the money runs out and he doesn’t have duggar money to support his family, I see him as being a drunk, dictator of his little kingdom who thinks the world owes him something. This is a dangerous path for Jessa’s. No matter how dumb and sheltered she is, she doesn’t deserve this.

  • Melody

    I recently read a pretty great article about this:


    Basically the gist of it is that:

    “In purity land, sex is a bigger deal than marriage. In purity land, you have to wait for sex- wait until you know that you’re going to be together forever.
    But most young people are waiting for marriage- wait until you know that you’re going to be together forever.”

    The no-sex-before-rule, may cause hasty, reckless, ill-considered marriages whereas it is a far bigger life choice in and of itself.

  • SinginDiva721

    And have you seen her future Father in Law’s response to the outrage to her comments? What an asshat. It’s clear Benny Boob didn’t fall far from the Godwin Tree….


  • Independent Thinker

    He did cover all his bases. Reference to the holocaust. Check. Hitler reference. Check. Calling female news journalists radial feminist check. Use of the term “femi-nazi” check. Personal attacks. Check. Bringing up random Proverbs quote. Check. Reference to racism. Check. Using special needs children to defend your crazy viewpoint. Check. Quoting Rush Limbaugh. Check. The only thing missing in that whole rant was referencing Duck Dynasty, Hobby Lobby or Chic-fil-a.

  • Anonyme

    Looking back at Michelle’s reaction to the time that Jill gave Derrick (fiancee) a full-frontal hug, I agree. Of course, Michelle said that it was an accident and wouldn’t happen again, but I’m really hoping that Jill was all “fuck that” and went in for the scandalous hug on purpose.

  • SAO

    I think many people benefit from taking a long look at the person they’ve committed to marry, and so I don’t recommend short engagements. I also recommend sleeping with your fiance.

    I think Jessa Duggar is now stuck. I suspect if she could get out of her engagement without a scandal, she would.

  • For me, that’s what the period prior to engagement is for. By the time I actually got engaged I had known my husband was the one for me for a few months. Of course, it didn’t hurt that we had been living together and he had already shown himself to be a great dad to my kids, so I already knew what kind of husband he would be.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Not having sex before you get married is bad**. Sexual incompatibility is one of the main reasons people divorce nowadays. Much like your finances, your sex lives aren’t going to magically align just because you have a piece of paper pronouncing you husband and wife.

    Yet another way fundamentalists are harming people.

    **Assuming you are a person who wants a sexual relationship. No slight meat to asexual folks.

  • Mermaid Warrior

    Pretty much. The show is just “Look at how many kids this family has!”. That’s the gimmick.

  • SAO

    When my guy got a great job in another country, I said I wasn’t going to move their without a commitment, so we got engaged. A longish engagement gave us the time to feel like we were marrying because we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, not because of an ultimatum.

    I say we, but I really mean my husband. His parents had a not-very-nice divorce preceded by 5 years of really-should-have-been-divorced, so he had some qualms about marriage. We’ve just past our 20th anniversary and have a strong relationship.

    So, really, it’s what works for you.