Quoting Quiverfull: Keep Cleaning and Stay Happy! (or Else!!)

Quoting Quiverfull: Keep Cleaning and Stay Happy! (or Else!!) October 25, 2014

happyhouseworkby Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies – You Make the World Go Round

What makes does a door swing open? It’s the insignificant hinges that we hardly ever notice. And yet without the hinges the door cannot open or close. And so it is with our daily life. It cannot function without the seemingly common and insignificant things of life.

Making beds, sweeping, vacuuming, and cleaning up the house seem so commonplace. But they bring order which is Godlike. Plus, it makes the home function. Washing dishes and doing laundry can also seem humdrum. But they reveal cleanliness which is Godlike.

Smiles, hugs, and kisses and courteous attitudes may seem inconsequential but they change the whole atmosphere of the home and because they change the home to one of love, peace and joy, they are part of changing the world.

Preparing a meal seems a common-place thing, But is not unimportant. It reveals servanthood which is also Godlike. And it prepares the way for greater things–family togetherness, fun, and fellowship, feeding the soul and the spirit. It also establishes a pattern for the next generation. The gathering around the family table for meals is declining in USA. Some apartments today don’t even have stoves. If children do not grow up with family meals, how much more will they digress in the next generation. Will tables be eliminated?

Some think it is a lowly thing to stay at home and nurse a baby, change diapers, care for little ones, and guide and teach their growing children. But this so-called lowly thing in the eyes of society is huge in the eyes of God. It is the highest career He has given to women. It is God’s ultimate plan for you if you are blessed to be married and have children. And without mothers embracing their role the world would come to a halt! We may be involved as one writer calls it, “the dust of the small duties” but we make the world function!

The little things you do in your home every day make the world go round.

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  • Nea

    Servanthood is godlike? Does this mean that you think that the many unpaid worker bees you’ve got doing all your work with a smile and a song are actually more holy than your sanctimonious self, Nancy? Or just that they HAVE to be thrilled to do what you do not, in fact, get off your ass to do yourself?

  • Trollface McGee

    It sounds eerily like Christian justifications of slavery. The virtuous obedient slave obeys his master and does a good job and by doing so,he’s being like Jesus servantlike, and will get a ticket to Heaven. But then, her view of women isn’t far from slavery. Don’t question the system, just obey. It’s worked so well for us in the past.

  • Mel

    What I find most annoying about Campbell and Pearl and all of these domestic goddess writers is that they force women to pretend that monotony is fun.

    Every job I’ve ever had had its own share of boring-as-hell things that needed to be done. My bosses and colleagues never forced me to pretend that I adored grading slap-dash essays, scraping wax off of lab tables or collecting carts from the parking lot in a blizzard. No one had to like the job; you just had to get it done.

    I think Nancy et al. do women a huge disservice by pretending that if you REALLY LOVED GOD, folding laundry every day would be amazingly satisfying. Tell the truth: Raising kids and keeping a house is a mixture of fun times, happy times, boring times and frustrating times.

  • Saraquill

    Doesn’t Campbell get sick of being a one note writer?

  • Rebecca Horne

    Her comment about apartments without stoves is really pricking a nerve. Apartments without stoves don’t exist because Mom, Papa, Sport, and Princess decided it doesn’t matter if they don’t eat together anymore. They are a symptom of abject POVERTY. They often don’t have refrigerators, either. Or, for that matter, a grocery store within walking or bussing distance.

    The families living in them aren’t just missing out on family togetherness. They lack access to basic nutrition because of some really fundamental failures in how our society functions.

    If she hears about apartments without stoves and her response is to bemoan the loss of conversation around the dinner table, she really has no idea how other people live, does she?

  • Anonyme

    Somewhat off-topic, but there was a recent case in Florida that exhibits that not all women should have kids, despite what Nancy keeps drilling into our heads: A mother who stuck her baby IN THE TRUNK OF HER CAR because she didn’t have a carseat for it, and didn’t want to be ticketed. Luckily, she was found out when cops pulled her over for speeding and heard the baby crying in the trunk. Last I heard, the baby is in the grandmother’s custody.

  • That’s the problem. She doesn’t CARE about how “other people” live. They aren’t “Godly Christian Families, tm” like hers, so they don’t count and the faster they die out, the better off society will be.

    *choking because she keeps hearing Scrooge’s comment about “the surplus population” and knows that he was just saying aloud what so many others believe*

  • Fledgeling Feminist

    For both “celebrity pastors” and “celebrity godly wives,” they tell the majority of their listeners about the virtues of gratitude of servitude. Those who make it to the inner ring learn the true secret: conning devoted followers out of time, energy, and money.

  • Fledgeling Feminist

    You can have the same beef with Michael Pollan. His ideas about cooking/eating healtht food at home are great, but the answer doesn’t have to be for mom to get back in the kitchen. It’s important work for human beings, not just women. All of us need to share domestic stuff (or hire people for fair wages to do it for us).

  • Not as long as there are suckers willing to pay her for it.