Quoting Quiverfull: That Magic Brain Machine & Addictions Part 1

Quoting Quiverfull: That Magic Brain Machine & Addictions Part 1 October 28, 2014

gaybrainby Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy magazine – Freedom From Addictions

Exciting discovers were made in the spring of 1977. Raymond Vahan Damadian invented The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine, enabling researchers and medical doctors to see the inner workings of the human body, right down to single nerve cells. As its accuracy increased, scientists were able to measure and then map the innermost activity of brain. We now know that the brain is divided into functional units with particular tasks, like processing visual information, thinking logically, or experiencing various emotions. For every category of sensory and intellectual stimulation there is a unique region of the brain to process that information.

Researchers can place you in a functional MRI (fMRI) machine and show you a series of pictures, noting the part of your brain that has activity, and how intense that activity is compared to the average subject. They will learn more about you than you know about yourself. How do you respond to the picture of a lawnmower, a sink full of dishes, a slice of pie, a motorcycle, a pair of new shoes, a pretty girl dressed modestly, a sexy girl dressed immodestly, a pretty boy, a darling child, a male model, or two babes in an erotic pose? They will know your sexual preferences, your fantasies, what disgusts you, and what attracts you. They will not know what you have done. Only God knows that, but they will know what you want to do. If you are angered or displeased, one region of your brain is active; if you experience lust, another region is active. They tell us that the brain of a pornographer comes to resemble that of a lesbian.

I remember about fifteen years ago the news was abuzz with the then-recent revelation that the brain of homosexuals was different from that of “straight” men. The sodomites hailed it as medical proof that they were born differently. “God made them the way they are,” or so they said. But even as the propaganda was being circulated by the leftist media, there were a few scientists who were quietly dissenting, saying that the differences seen in the brain of homosexuals was not the cause of their divergence from nature but rather the result. In time, with additional observation it became obvious that the brains of children are all the same; it is only after they are induced to certain experiences that the brain changes to reflect their actions.


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