Quoting Quiverfull: What Godly Women Desire?

Quoting Quiverfull: What Godly Women Desire? October 3, 2014

cassatmotherhoodby Martin Luther as quoted on Von Olhman’s blog True Love Doesn’t Wait – The Desire of a Godly Woman

Why is it always about having crazy baby-making amounts of sex with these guys?

“…from this it is clear that the very saintly women were not lustful but were desirous of offspring and the blessing.  For this was the cause of envy in Rachel, who, if she had been like other women whom our age has produced in large numbers, would have said: ‘What is it to me whether I bear children or not?  Provided that I remain the mother of the household and have an abundance of all other things, I have enough.’  But Rachel demands offspring so much that she prefers death to remaining sterile.  I do not remember reading a similar statement in any history.  Therefore she is an example of a very pious and continent woman whose only zeal and burning desire is for offspring, even, if it means death.  Thus above (Gen. 16:2) Sarah also showed a similar desire for offspring.  And in both this feeling is decidedly praiseworthy.  ‘If I do not have children, I shall die’ says Rachel.  ‘I prefer, being without life to being without children.’  …Consequently, she determines either to bear children or die.  Thus later she dies in childbirth.  This desire and feeling of the godly woman is good and saintly….”  (Luther’s Works, Vol. 5, p. 328)

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