News: Are The Duggars Against Basic Civil Rights?

News: Are The Duggars Against Basic Civil Rights? November 1, 2014

duggarsby Vyckie Garrison – Founder of NLQ

The Duggars, who are featured in the TV show “19 Kids and Counting,” have so far donated $10,000 toward the campaigns of the three most outspoken opponents to Fayetteville’s new Civil Rights Administration ordinance. The Duggars gave $2,000 to John La Tour, and $4,000 to both Joshua Crawford and Paul Phaenuef.

The new law would prohibit business owners and landlords from unjustly firing or evicting someone because of their sexual orientation, gender identity and other characteristics.

From the Fayetteville Flyer – Duggar family spends $10,000 to help Repeal 119 candidates in Fayetteville City Council Election

Remember those robocalls featuring Michelle Duggar earlier in the year? They were about this issue.

Shortly before the council vote in August, Michelle Duggar narrated a robocall sent to Fayetteville residents that claimed the new civil rights law would affect the safety of women and children. In the call, Duggar echoed the claims of several local pastors who said protections based on gender identity could lead to men using women’s restrooms or showers, and that the ordinance would be “opening a door” for pedophiles and sexual predators who wish to abuse people.

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  • Nea

    You have to ask? They don’t even let their own kids exercise their basic civil rights, of course they’re against anyone else having any. ESPECIALLY those that might let their kids see how abusive, limited, and bigoted their life view is about child rights, women’s rights, and other cultures.

  • Baby_Raptor

    I think the more accurate question is “What civil right are the Duggars not against?”

  • Saraquill

    The ones that benefit Ma and Pa Duggar and no one else.

  • Catherine

    “Are the Duggars against basic civil rights?”

    That’s like asking “Is the Pope Catholic?”