Quiverific! November 14, 2014

duggarcultby Vyckie Garrison founder of No Longer Quivering

So this morning, I made a fascinating discovery: Two wholehearted, Christian homeschooling, homebirthing moms of many, Jenn and Kristen, who actually claim the label “Quiverfull” (they like to call themselves “Quiverific”!!) … who have a YouTube channel … Planet Mommyhood

Their video, “Bursting the Quiverfull stereotype,” is amazingly informative for anyone who has never actually embraced this worldview and lifestyle, because as Jenn and Kristen rationalize … er, I mean “explain” … how they absolutely are not “following” some weird Duggar cult, these two women are demonstrating exactly how it is that Christian women totally believe they have arrived at the “conviction” to trust the Lord with their family planning – not because they have been brainwashed, but through their own diligent study of the scriptures coupled with being open to God’s leading via the Holy Spirit speaking to their hearts.

The fact that they don’t buy “the whole package” (e.g., they wear pants more often than denim skirts), confirms in their minds that these beliefs have been “revealed” to them by the Lord as they carefully and prayerfully seek to know and understand God’s will for their families. And don’t you dare to suggest that these sold-out, dedicated Christian moms are blindly duped into slavishly slurping the cold, poisonous Kool-Aid of “legalism” or the “commandments of men” … ‘cuz these ladies are obviously thoughtfully, intentionally, and sincerely devoted to a dynamic personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Quiverfull doesn’t mean I’m going to have lots of children, Quiverfull means, I’m going to trust the Lord.”

PlanetMommyhood’s YouTube channel is chock full of whimsical QF-type advice and how-to videos. Their “Quiverfull Husbands” segment, in which Jenn says, “Your Quiverfull man is going to be Jesus … and He’s got lots of children,” is devoid of the formulaic “follow these simple steps to happiness” prescriptions which the uninitiated might expect to be prevalent amongst Quiverfull wives.

NLQ’s Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network partner, Joe Sands, recently wrote a post in which he says, “We must keep winning in the theater of ideas. And we also must pay attention to the young people breaking out. Screw the parents. They made their bed. But the children can be saved.”

Screw the parents?

While I agree that the children can and must be saved, I disagree that these Quiverfull moms are a lost cause. As I said to Joe, “It sounds fairly unrealistic considering that the majority of those parents have several children still at home. If your perspective only includes the 2nd generation kids who are your age, you are basically abandoning all the little kids who have no way of helping themselves. They do not have access to the internet or to your blog and even if they did, they have no control over their education and upbringing. Why would you completely write off and have no time for the parents?”

Jenn and Kristen do indeed burst the “Quiverfull stereotype” … these moms can be “saved” too. For their own, and for their children’s sake, let’s engage Planet Mommyhood and their audience with respect, experience, knowledge, and the optimism that comes from knowing that there is plenty of hope for helping Quiverfull moms escape and heal from the insidious form of spiritual abuse that is Christian fundamentalism.


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