Quoting Quiverfull: Colin Campbell Has to Spell it Out For Clueless Selfish Fathers

Quoting Quiverfull: Colin Campbell Has to Spell it Out For Clueless Selfish Fathers November 17, 2014

Unlikely that Colin Campbell would call this guy a 'good dad' even if he's teaching his daughter...
Unlikely that Colin Campbell would call this guy a ‘good dad’ even if he’s teaching his daughter…

by Colin Campbell from Meat For Men – Passing on the Baton – A Godly Education

Companion piece for this morning’s Nancy Campbell piece – Daylight Robbery

Men, while the main burden of homeschooling weighs mainly on the mother, I believe it is very important for the father to provide every assistance possible. The father must encourage his wife daily for the effort and sacrifice she makes. This effort should not be taken for granted. As fathers, we should not fail to . . . 

1. Daily show interest in what the children are learning and accomplishing.
2. Help the children to understand things they find difficult to understand.
3. Step up to the plate if any of the children have a behavioral problem or need correction. Don’t leave it only to your wife.
4. Help your wife in searching for the right curriculums for your particular children.
5. Join up with a homeschool support group in your area if you feel your wife needs more encouragement.
6. Be careful about running your children to every extracurricular activity they want to be involved in. This creates a very hectic lifestyle for the mother, especially if there is a larger family.
7. Make time for your wife so she can discuss with you the things that concern her about the children’s learning. And pray for her every day as she faces this great task.

I believe that all true believers should take their children out of the public education system. We still have some godly teachers who are trying to hold up the light, but on the whole, children are now being taught from a humanist/liberal base and more and more the gay agenda is being including, plus classes on Islam. Children hang out for many hours every day in the company of peers who are usually a negative influence upon their lives.

Do we have a clear purpose for their education? If so, we will want them to receive a godly education.

Last night I was talking to my daughter-in-law and asked her what was her biggest reason for homeschooling. She replied that she did not want to be robbed of the time she would miss with her children, which adds up to thousands of hours. Over the course of their life at school, children will be away from their home for about three years of their life (that’s apart from college). And this in the most formative years of their life!


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