Quoting Quiverfull: Feminism is a Nazi-Like Plot?

Quoting Quiverfull: Feminism is a Nazi-Like Plot? November 5, 2014

obamawhitewomenby Kelly Crawford from her blog Generation Cedar – Obama’s Feminist Remark: It’s Not About Choice

Kelly’s really on a roll. Not merely content to make fun of an adult child coming to terms with possible parental abuse during homeschooled years now she’s tossing about words like ‘Hitler’ and ‘Choice’ because of one short sentence uttered by the Commander in Chief, instantly invalidating her argument by the usage of the Nazis. Extremely disrespectful to anyone with Jewish heritage that may have lost family members to the camps.

But the thing that bothers me the most about her piece is the fact that she, like many others, clearly would attack President Obama even if he said the sky was blue and the grass green. It’s that hidden racism that runs rampant throughout the CPM and in Fundamentalist Christianity.

So Obama said that it wasn’t fair that women that stay home with their children end up making less money when they rejoin the workforce? There are facts and figures to back it up, statistics from the Dept. of Labor. But he never said that thing that Ms. Crawford heard, that you have to go to work and put your babies in daycare. Sorry, Kelly, you’re putting words in his mouth. Like Obama or hate him, he didn’t say you have to work outside of the home.

But feminism’s true face wants mammas and babies separated as soon as possible. Do you wonder why? Let me remind you that Hitler wanted the same thing. The earlier the state can get our children, the easier it is to make “good citizens” out of them. Nothing good has ever come of that.

But they can’t say that exactly so it comes out something like:

“You poor, underprivileged stay-at-home mom who has to clean up messes all day while other women are earning a paycheck in heels. Let me help you out…” Don’t buy it.

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