Quoting Quiverfull: Feminism Lies?

Quoting Quiverfull: Feminism Lies? November 18, 2014

F-Bombs-for-feminismby Matt Walsh posted at both The Matt Walsh Blog and The Blaze – Feminism is Poison

Not linking to Matt’s blog because I do not want to give him the hit traffic on his ads. He wrote this piece in reaction to the FkcH8 video of the little girls using the word ‘Fuck’ to make a point. Love it or hate it, the video  does tend to make you think. Unfortunately it’s making Matt lie and purposely impugn the honest, hard working men and women of the Bureau of Labor Statistics over their carefully collected data that shows an income gap based upon gender.

Matt should be happy he’s not made of wood like Pinnochio or he’d need a series of timber trucks to carry his nose right now.

Despite what those poor girls were forced to say on camera, women do not earn 23 percent less than men for ‘equal work.’ This is called a lie. A fable. A fairy tale. It’s not true. It’s not even close to true. These ‘pay gap’ figures come when women in all types of jobs, in all types of positions, with all types of experience levels, in every geographical location, working any number of hours above 35 a week, are collectively and indiscriminately compared to men in all types of jobs, in all types of positions, with all types of experience levels, in every geographical location, working any number of hours above 35 a week. And even then the gap isn’t 23 percent. Not even near. But whatever it is, if it exists at all, it exists because these frauds just weighed the salary of a commercial airline pilot against an entry level hairdresser.

Lies and obfuscations. That’s all you find here. The same can be said for the absurd claim — repeated by the child abuse victims in the video — that 20 percent of all women will be raped. (Or 25 percent or 30, I’ve heard about five different versions of the notorious statistic). A cursory bit of research will expose it as a cynical load of horse manure, advanced by feminist college professors but not supported by any hard evidence at all. An even more cursory use of your critical thought capabilities will tell you that, according to this claim, about 31 million women in America are current or future rape or sexual assault victims. 31 million. That’s the population of New York City times four.

If these crimes are so staggeringly pervasive that we could fill four New York Cities with rape victims, then there must be, by extension, tens of millions of rapist men in the country, and likely thousands of rapists in your community.

Does any rational person really believe that the numbers are this high? If they do believe it, then they have no choice but to assume that nearly every man is a potential rapist.

Feminists tell us that they don’t hate men. I believe them. They don’t. They just want to paint millions of us as rapists, that’s all. No big deal. Don’t take it personally, fellas. They aren’t man-haters, they just think there’s around a 20 percent chance that any particular man is a sex predator. Other than that, they’re fine with us.

Meanwhile, actual rape victims are buried and forgotten under the avalanche of false statistics and sensationalist claims, all of which have been fabricated for the sole purpose of driving a wedge between the sexes and denigrating men (and, in this case, selling t-shirts).

This is feminism and it helps no one. It has long since outlived whatever purpose it may have served many decades ago. In a country where a woman now has every single legal right that a man has — and even a few extra, like the right to execute her children with or without the father’s consent — feminism is left to invent new boogeymen.

Now I’m sure I’ll be told that feminism, despite its flaws, still spreads a crucial message: we shouldn’t rape women, sexism is wrong, and women are equal to men.

The problem, however, is that men and women are not equal. They are separate, distinct, and complimentary. Equal in dignity and worth, but unequal in every other way. We should be learning how to celebrate these differences and use them in service to each other, but you won’t hear that from feminists.

I have never in my life seen a feminist promote the idea that a woman’s uniquely feminine qualities ought to be used to serve and honor men, just as a man’s masculine qualities ought to serve and honor women. This is simply not a part of the feminist message. And that is exactly why feminism’s sermons about ‘inequality’ accomplish nothing of value. It’s built on the false premise that total equality between the sexes is possible, and it leads to the disastrous conclusion that this phantom equality must be achieved through any means necessary, including (and preferably) deception and force.

Here’s the video that Matt has been losing his mind over. Trigger Warning for profanity.

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