Quoting Quiverfull: So Being Punished By Having No Dishwasher Is Biblical?

Quoting Quiverfull: So Being Punished By Having No Dishwasher Is Biblical? November 11, 2014

dishwasherpunishmentby Lori Alexander of Always Learning – Should Husbands Ever Discipline Their Wives?

Lori Alexander felt the need to chime in on the same blog posting about Sunshine Mary was being punished by her husband with no dishwasher because she kept putting the knifes in the dishwasher against her wishes. Alexander, who is quoted at Ladies Against Feminism thinks being punished like this is perfectly fine. She also manages to sing the praises of Debi Pearl. Discuss.

I am not sure there is.  God commands older women to teach the younger women to love and obey their husbands.  I never had an older woman, until Debi Pearl, taught me.  I am not sure I would have responded to any discipline Ken may have tried on me since I had a rebellious and stubborn heart.  Now that I am no longer rebellious,  I wouldn’t care if he chose to discipline me or set some boundaries at times!  I trust him.  I trust how he leads me and my family.
Cabinetman responded to this situation this way, “A husband that has no authority to do anything but “reason” with his wife is not the head. Certainly he is without any true authority. I agree that a husband should not hit, kick, bite, be harsh {trying to make this list exhaustive!}, but a husband that can’t cut up credit cards, not buy a dishwasher, say you can’t go out with the gals, and I can think of a million other things that are discipline, yet not harsh as taught in Colossians, and still in keeping with loving as Christ loves the church as taught in Ephesians. For does not Christ discipline those He loves? If you can’t agree to a husband having that kind of authority then there is no use having headship for it is nothing but impotent and lifeless. You cannot lead one or even protect one you don’t have authority over.”
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