Quoting Quiverfull: UnMarried – The Movie?

Quoting Quiverfull: UnMarried – The Movie? November 13, 2014

unmarriedby Vaughn Ohlman from his blog True Love Doesn’t Wait – UnMarried: The Review A Fantastic Movie; With A Fundamental Flaw

I’m not going to post the review in its entirely but you’ll notice that this film carries the Kevin Swanson seal of approval and Von thinks everyone needs to see it lest our entire bedrock foundation of society (marriage) crumble.

But I am posting the point I find the most problematic: The thought that delayed marriage is a literal sin. Education does matter, so does having a career that will allow you to support all those little children you plan on having. This is where the Quiverfull crowd goes the most ‘wrong’, claiming that standards from a book written at least two thousand years ago trumps the reality of life today. It leads to poverty, poor health, ignorance, children with huge educational/socio-economic barriers to overcome and a host of other negative things.

“Men tend to work more hours, they tend to work more strategically, and they earn at least four thousand more in the wake of marriage in comparison to where they were prior to marriage.” Brad Wilcox:Unmarried Movie

This film reminds us of where our priorities should lie. That marriage, in Scripture, is seen as a good… a normative good. That marriage and family are not just fun extras, but they are a foundational means of spreading the gospel. That young marriage is good, that delayed marriage is a sin. That marriage makes a man a man[5]

Marriage, children, raising Godly households… these should be our priorities. Not college, not ‘good jobs’, not ‘church work’. Those all come secondary, if at all. The Scriptures start with ‘it is not good for man to be alone’ not ‘it is not good for man to not have a Bachelor’s degree’. The Scriptures say God will bless the Godly man with a fruitful wife and a quiver full of children, not lots of wonderful programs at church.

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