Tim Bayly Is Tardy To Our Hen Party!

Tim Bayly Is Tardy To Our Hen Party! November 14, 2014

men-of-quality-women-rightsby Suzanne Titkemeyer

Evangelical pastor/blogger Tim Bayly just discovered Vyckie Garrison’s life story and *gasp* is busy clutching his pastoral pearls as he realizes that women are speaking out! Guessing sometimes information outside of the CPM bubble takes a while to trickle down past all those filters woven from old Bible pages.

Women folks! They are speaking out ‘online’ and even worse, ‘in real life’, to the men folks! He can’t understand how Vyckie could possibly have such a problem with God the Father and Christianity in general even after reading all the ways in which her own beliefs harmed her. It must be feminism according to him and his readers/commenters.

He had this to say about the roles of men and women in our culture at his blog Bayly Blog – When you gonna wake up, and strengthen the things that remain?

Because both positions involved intense conflict in defending God’s truth and Christ’s little ones, and I knew women standing up for truth and the protection of children would have a natural advantage on the battlefield for a whole host of reasons all flowing from our living in an effeminate age.

But one night when I was home with the children and my dear wife was out at the committee meeting fighting with women and men, such as the school district superintendent who sat on my session, it hit me that I was fully twisted. It was my job, my calling, my gifting, my honor, and most importantly the duty of my sex to guard the little ones, but here I was comfortable at home with all of them tucked in and sleeping while their mother, my wife, was out doing battle. From then on, it didn’t matter to me how much more effective it would be for my wife and daughters and other omnicompetent women to be the spokesmen for God’s Truth and to fight for the protection of Christ’s little ones. It was not their calling and I was not to save myself and sacrifice them even if people would have a harder time opposing them than me.

Sadly, I think few others learned their mistake and repented of it as I did. So now we have every man thinking he is oh-so-very-smart as he pushes his wife and daughters into law school and onto the diaconate and into the pulpit doing everything but preaching and into the session meeting (of course, strictly in an advisory role) and onto blog forums where they rebuke Mark Driscoll and C. J. Mahaney and Tim Keller and Rob Bell and…

Their husband and father and pastor and elders and…

..and this gem

And so we have women like the one linked above and Rachel Held Evans and Carolyn Custis James and Christian Homeschooling Moms for Feminism engaged politely by timid and effeminate church officers who are living proof of what Elisabeth Elliot (Mrs. Lars Gren) said thirty years ago: “The problem with the church today is that it is filled with a bunch of emasculated men who can’t say ‘no’ to a woman.”

As I said, we have brought it all on ourselves. We thought we were so very smart.

Yes, I will agree that the churches these days seem to be filled with very weak men, but I’m seeing these weak emasculated men being controlling, violent, disrespectful, disparaging, dismissive, and a thousand other negative traits towards their wives, daughters and any woman that doesn’t grovel before them like a serf afraid of a beating.

It’s not just Tim Bayly having such a problem with women standing up to speak about those things that are wrong, poisonous and damaging in the church. His readership thinks this is all the work of the evil feminists. A few interesting selections below.

All of human history prior to the 20th century would have laughed in this woman’s face. The feminist legal system in America uses threats of military violence to abuse men in all the ways described in this article (and many more ways) at the woman’s whim, without requiring any sort of proof whatsoever (notice how she never actually makes any concrete accusations to justify her frivorce). With so much external pressure on a woman to annihilate her husband and family, what hope is there for men to marry?

The focus upon this woman as victim is bigoted. The real victim is the husband whose wife deserted him, and lied to a judge about abuse to kidnap the children. She said so herself in the article. She redefined abuse to suit herself, and the hypocrisy is that she was the driving force behind her lifestyle. In my opinion feminists are often entirely blind to their bigotry.

This is a good post for those of us with daughters to read. The woman’s article itself is piteous. She say, “Because I believed our family had an ENEMY who was determined to steal, kill, and destroy our souls, and the souls of our children, for all eternity!” As the post says, she’s decided that God is her real enemy. It makes me think of sheep hating the walls of the fold that keeps them from cavorting with wolves.

Aww, don’t they just love and respect women sooo much like Christ? /sarcasm. Scamper on back to your CPM enclave where you can all pat yourselves on the backs for calling out the evil evil demonic feminists while your wives make you nice warm cocoa and cookies.


Suzanne Titkemeyer is the editor/admin at No Longer Quivering. NLQ is a website founded by Vyckie Garrison that is dedicated to exposing the harmful theology of the Christian Patriarchy Movement along with supporting those people who have escaped and are now on a journey of healing from spiritual abuse. Normally Suzanne isn’t this sarcastic but Pastor Bayly’s blog shorted out her sarcasm brain/mouth/fingers filter this afternoon so she finds herself ranting while swilling diet cokes plus being surrounded by piles of worried cats. When she’s not pissed off at the more ridiculous parts of the patriarchy she’s busy with her husband, grown kids, various animals, classes she’s taking and various freelance work assignments. That’s when she’s not behaving like the Spawn of Satan (or so the Fundies like to say) She hates Koolaid.

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