Who Said It? Michael Pearl or Adrian Peterson Edition

Who Said It? Michael Pearl or Adrian Peterson Edition November 22, 2014
Peterson’s friend & former team mate David Cummings showing the tree that he and Peterson were forced to pick the switches their fathers beat them with.

Adrian Peterson has given a lengthy interview with USA Today – Adrian Peterson: ‘I Won’t Ever Use a Switch Again Notice that he doesn’t say he will not hit or spank his children, just that he will be not be using a switch. Some of his comments remind me too much of things that have come out of the mouth of Michael Pearl, Christian advocate for starting to hit your children with a switch as child discipline starting at six months old.

Can you tell which of these quotes Peterson said and which are straight out of a Michael Pearl article – Too Young to Spank? without reading either article first?

  1. ” Some of us don’t remember any of the much-talked-about “cruel beatings” that are attributed to our “strong disciplinarian” forefathers. We remember loving parents who cared for our souls. They applied the rod with firmness and dignity. “
  2. ” I am sorry the psychologists and secular child advocates don’t get it, but then if all parents practiced child training as I have suggested, there wouldn’t be any need for abnormal psychologists or child protection agencies. A lot of people would move on to more practical kinds of work, and there wouldn’t be any more crime or war.”
  3. “It made me realize that hey, the world can paint you to be this type of person, but ultimately, the child that they are making all these assumptions about – how you treated him and what you’ve done to him – he loves you unconditionally. He wants to be around you. So, let the world paint you out to be whatever they want.”
  4. “and they ended up on the receiving end of violence in the name of spanking. Their own experiences have left them with a warped perspective. They see all spanking through the scarlet of their own colored glasses. Theirs is a common and painful experience, but there is another way.”
  5. “I got paddled at school, People up north don’t know anything about that, about going to the principal’s office and getting three swats on your behind with a board with a hole cut in it.”
  6.  “There’s different situations where a child needs to be disciplined as far as timeout, taking their toys away, making them take a nap. There’s so many different ways to discipline your kids.”
  7. “He is a hardened, hedonistic heathen, steeped in fleshly practices and convinced that the world is centered around him. In the first three years, he has developed a worldview that puts him at the center and makes gratification the chief end of his life.”

Alright, so now Peterson is back pedaling and it’s not too hard to pick out which quotes are his and which are Michael Pearl’s but the bottom line is that they are both looking at child discipline from a very similar place. This is unacceptable in our so called enlightened age. Our kids deserve better.

Adrian Peterson was banned from playing with the NFL this week because commissioner Roger Goodell cited ” “aggravating factors” in explaining the enhanced ban – including the age of the child, the repetitive use of the switch and Peterson’s failure to show “meaningful remorse” for his conduct.” For once the NFL is showing some proper seriousness on the issues of child discipline.

Michael Pearl said: 1, 2, 4 and 7

Adrian Peterson said: 3, 5 and 6

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