News: Pastor Steven Anderson Lied to a Bunch of Rabbis…

News: Pastor Steven Anderson Lied to a Bunch of Rabbis… December 13, 2014

anderson…and tricked several of them into being filmed for his anti-Semitic film. One of them is planning on suing. Lying is bad enough, tricking a Holocaust survivor into appearing in an anti-Semitic film is a whole different ticket to one of the circles of hell by Anderson’s own belief system. He better start praying his God isn’t real! Especially since his beloved Jesus was a Jew.

From Raw Story – Anti-gay Arizona pastor tricks Holocaust survivor into appearing in his anti-Semitic film

According to the Jewish News, pastor Steven Anderson contacted Rabbi Leo Abrami, a Holocaust survivor, and claimed to be making a film that explained tenets of the Jewish faith to a Christian audience. He identified himself as “an interested layperson” to Rabbi Abrami, who took him at his word.

However, when Anderson contacted Rabbi Irwin Wiener, he claimed to be producing a documentary for PBS. “The subterfuge that he used to get these interviews from us is beyond belief,” Wiener told the Jewish News. “When he used the words PBS to me, it sounded legitimate and I didn’t pursue it any further.”

Both Abrami and Wiener signed releases allowing Anderson to use material from those interviews in his film — which is actually called Marching to Zion, and according to the promotional video that Anderson made for it, the purpose of the film is “to prove that the Jews are no longer God’s chosen people in the New Testament but that we as believers, we as Christians, are God’s chosen people [and] that the modern-day nation of Israel over in the Middle East is a complete fraud.”

After showing images of Abrami and Wiener, Anderson said that “[t]hey’re making all the points for us. They’re all saying the same things and confirming what we show from the Bible to be true.”

Pretty damn un-Christian~ Shame on you Steven Anderson!! What are you trying to do? Run for ‘Most Hated Pastor in America’ because it was recently vacated by Westboro Baptist’s Pastor Phelps? Gay-bashing, check, crazy control issues, check…

Trailer for Anderson’s upcoming film “Marching to Zion” below. Watch if you must.

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