NLQ Project ‘Love Bomb’ – Steven L. Anderson

NLQ Project ‘Love Bomb’ – Steven L. Anderson December 10, 2014

283by Suzanne Titkemeyer

As the coverage of the hate speech being babbled by pastor Steven L. Anderson comes gushing forth like so much sewage I have to ask myself : “What is the best way to respond to his hate? What form should a protest take?”

There have already been boots on the ground protests in Tempe in front of the strip mall holding his church, Faithful Word Baptist Church by people from all walks of life and faiths. What was Anderson’s response? He sat around watching them while he ate yogurt before he spoke to the crowd.

 “I’m not ashamed of what I believe, I’ll preach it from the house tops. And anybody who wants to read it can go to the Dollar Tree and pick up a Bible.”

Obviously hating on Mr. Anderson isn’t going to work, the only things that might possibly get through his head are the words of his beloved Bible and people responding in love. Taking Mr. Anderson’s own advice I went down to my local Dollar Tree and picked up a few King James Bibles. I have stickers, puffy paint, etc, to decorate the front cover in a friendly fashion and a yellow highlighter. I’m going to be highlighting many of the words of Jesus and others that call for love, starting with 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 ‘Love is patient, love is kind’. I’m also going to make a small donation in his name to a charity that focuses on helping gay youth as well as write a card to stick in the Bible explaining why I’m sending him this Bible. This is a protest I can do from my home near the nation’s capital that does not involve plane fare and a hotel room.

I’m asking anyone at NLQ or anywhere who feels the need to, using that old Christianese phrase, ‘Love Bomb’ Pastor Steven L. Anderson. Let him know what you think!

Send your decorated Dollar Tree Bibles to him at:

Pastor Steven L. Anderson

C/O Faithful Word Baptist Church

2707 W. Southern Ave. Suite 105

Tempe, AZ 85282


Or if you prefer to ‘Love Bomb’ the guy that he recently commissioned who is saying the same and worse things about homosexuality at:

Pastor Donnie Romero

C/O Stedfast Baptist Church

2301 True Ave.

Fort Worth, TX 76114


Isn’t Scripture supposed to be sharper than a double edged sword to these guys?


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  • lodrelhai

    I love this idea. Have to make a trip out to the local 99c store…

  • elanoreirlys

    Oh my I love you all. This is the best.

  • *LAUGH* WOOT!! Excellent idea!!! this is effin BRILLIANT!!


    Edit: For once I agree with my husband. His suggestion is ALSO to highlight the verses that point out “I give unto you EVERY herb for your benefit” being a reference to legalization of cannabis.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    I heartily approve highlighting the pro marijuana ones too! Zsuzsanna should approve considering she’s all about essential oils and herbal meds

  • Saraquill

    Edit- I posted this before I reread the blog entry. I’ll still keep this comment up.

    How about donating to charities that make them faint, like LGBTQ organizations, saying you’re doing it on behalf of these “men?” And of course, sending notes to these guys about how they inspired you to act…

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Hey that works too! Perhaps we might want to put together a list of these charities somewhere on the site?

  • Saraquill

    Indeed! On that note, does anyone know if the rainbow painted community center across from the Westboro Baptist Church accepts donations?

  • Rainbow Over Wisconsin is a good one, I know a number of people who work for it and they really care about GLTB youth-

  • This is so amazing!! Talk about creative resistance! My Jesus was all about this stuff!

  • Trollface McGee

    Brilliant – I was suggesting a kiss-in for those in the area but this is a great way for those of us who aren’t.
    Mine shall be filled with plenty of God’s rainbows and glitter.

  • Saraquill