Quoting Quiverfull: Don’t Be Selfishly Inhospitable During The Holiday Because Jesus!?

Quoting Quiverfull: Don’t Be Selfishly Inhospitable During The Holiday Because Jesus!? December 22, 2014
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by Lisa C. Hallahan at Young Keepers Of The Home – A Hospitable Heart For The Holidays

Is it really selfish to take the occasional ‘Me’ day? Or something necessary when raising a house full of kids?

All you need is a beautiful heart, because what is in your heart comes out on your face, in your homemaking, in your decorating, in your welcoming, and in your hostess attitude. =) I sometimes have those days when I am so selfish! I am dressed in my yoga pants my hair is sloppy and I am not up to pleasing anyone…I just want to get through the day. Then a change of plans! Someone wants to stop by… (God forbid!) When the company arrives (always too early in these cases I might add) I am not in a very cheery hostess mood. I don’t show hospitality to my full potential nor do I really enjoy the visitors company. Instead I am overwhelmed, slightly angry, and ready for them to leave within the first 10 minutes. –I know, I’m a monster! But it is what it is! Some days we are like this!

You know what you need to do though don’t you? You know what I am going to say too don’t you?
Well I’ll say it anyway. We need to die to self and pray asking God to give us a heart and an attitude to truly bless this visitor with His house, His food, and His occupants smiling face (because your house is His, your food is His, and You are his)! Then we change our pants, touch up our face and hair and open the door with a radiant complexion inside and out.

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