Quoting Quiverfull: Women Report More False Than True Rape Incidents?

Quoting Quiverfull: Women Report More False Than True Rape Incidents? December 14, 2014
Some of the same infuriating rape culture thinking that Matt Walsh promotes..
Some of the same infuriating rape culture thinking that Matt Walsh promotes..

by Matt Walsh at The Matt Walsh Blog – False Rape Accusations Are Just as Evil as Rape Itself

While Matt is not addressing the recently revealed allegations that Bob Jones University officials covered up sexual abuse cases on campus, he is sounding off on the recent story in Rolling Stone magazine about rape on the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. After Rolling Stone published their story of ignored rape taking place in a fraternity it came out that the accuser was lying. He seizes upon this one story to make his assertions that rape is mostly made up instead of examining the evidence that Bob Jones and other Christian schools have lied and covered up incidents of rape.

Reminds me of the media fear-mongering on Ebola when there were far more serious problems going on in our country. It’s a stupid distraction.

Rape happens. It happens frequently no matter what wishful thinking and skewed statistics Mr. Walsh wants to cite. It’s a real hard-core problem in restrictive Evangelical Christian institutions.

Alright, this took a while to write, I’ve sourced every single factual claim I make here, and I provide plenty of real world examples to flesh out my point. Those points, specifically, are threefold:

1) There is no actual rape epidemic.

2) Women do lie about rape.

3) False rape accusers are as evil as rapists.

I expect that last one to upset some people — well, the whole thing will — but I’m well beyond the point of caring when my arguments are turned into strawmen, as so often happens.

I think it’s important to have this conversation after the Rolling Stone rape debacle. I don’t get into the specifics of that case in this post because I think it’s all pretty well hashed out. If somehow you aren’t familiar, here’s the two sentence summary: Rolling Stone, without proper sourcing or any attempt to fact check, published a story about a woman’s alleged brutal gang rape by frat brothers at UVA, and ever since then the narrative has been falling apart. People have come forward to contradict the account, and it now seems apparent that all or some of the report was fabricated.

Read his entire twisted logic at his blog. We’re using Do Not Link for Matt because the last thing we want to do at NLQ is improve his search engine statistics.

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