Quoting Quiverfull: Babies Want to Kill?

Quoting Quiverfull: Babies Want to Kill? January 13, 2015

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by Voddie Baucham as transcribed by R.L. Stollar and posted at Homeschoolers Anonymous from his sermon ‘Doctrine of Total Depravity’

Editor’s note: This entire sermon is disturbing and the main point seems to be that people living without any fear of God are almost demonic. In Voddie’s thinking that includes children and new born babies. Voddie’s words about babies and children seem to be counter to the words of Jesus about little ones.

But we do not. We do not. If we don’t understand this — I’ll say it again — if we don’t understand our children and their greatest need, and we look at these behaviors of our children, and yes, we want to correct those behaviors but we do not understand that the reason our children — these small little cherubs — these so-called “innocent ones” — the reason that they do what they do is because they are every bit of Romans, Chapter 3, Verses 9-18. They come into the world like this.

One of the reasons that God makes human babies small is so they won’t kill their parents in their sleep. They’re evil.

Yes, this is true of children: “None is righteous; no, not one. None understands. No one seeks God. No one does good.” Yes, that little, precious one — you better believe it. If you don’t, you miss the big picture and you don’t realize your desperate need to get the gospel to your child again and again and again and again.

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