Quoting Quiverfull: Finding a Spouse is Like Finding a Steak Sandwich?

Quoting Quiverfull: Finding a Spouse is Like Finding a Steak Sandwich? January 2, 2015

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by Vaughn Ohlman from True Love Doesn’t Wait – Searching for a Steak Sandwich

Editor’s note: Putting the search for a suitable spouse on the same level as finding a consumable commodity. Fundamentalist religion reduces people to objects.

So let us return to our analogy for a minute. Joshua had as his goal the finding of a steak sandwich for his pregnant wife. The method he used eventually produced that goal (luckily) but it did not do so in anything like an efficient manner. It involved a lot of work on his part, a lot of gas… and the sandwich, when it came, came too late.

Courtship, too, produces some marriages. But they have parts to their system that outsiders have challenged as being inefficient, troubling, or just plain wrong. They beg us to pardon us for these problems, claiming that they are necessary to produce the goal that they want. But are they? Is this system, which involves huge amounts of time, energy, and still results in quasi-covenants, mini-divorces, delayed or even denied marriages, a necessary thing?

Scripture teaches a path to marriage that has, as its goal, marriage. The Scriptural system does NOT include the problematic parts of courtship, although it does include other features that the world, in its rejection of God and His Word, finds troubling. But when followed it results in young, fruitful, marriages… by definition.

The systems of the world, including courtship, produce delayed and denied marriages. They encourage our young people to form quasi-covenants prior to marriage. They result in broken hearts and fornication.

Those results are NOT necessary, let alone some kind of ‘feature’ of a Godly marriage system. We need to turn away from those systems, and turn back to what God, in His Holy Word, teaches and describes.

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