Quoting Quiverfull: Only Christian Men Are Caring Fathers?

Quoting Quiverfull: Only Christian Men Are Caring Fathers? January 23, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Robert Murray M’Cheyne as quoted by Stephanus Blignaut at Go Tell My People – Governing Your Family

Editor’s note: Granted, this was written during M’Cheyne’s life time, the early 1800s, but it seems to be that same train of thought that many in Evangelical Christianity and Quiverfull still cling to, that an ‘unsaved’ father and man has no care or love for their family, which is a complete lie. Religious thought that is a falsehood does no one any good. 

 Love to souls. As long as a man does not care for his own soul, he does not care for the souls of others. He can see his wife and children living in sin, going down to hell—he does not care. He does not care for missions—gives nothing to support missionaries. But the moment a man’s eyes are opened to the value of his own soul, that moment does he begin to care for the souls of others. From that moment does he love the missionary cause. He willingly spares a little to send the Gospel to the Jew and the perishing Hindus. Again, he begins to care for the Church at home—for his neighbors—all living in sin. Like the maniac at Decapolis, he publishes the name of Jesus wherever he goes. And now he begins to care for his own house. He commands his children and his household after him. How is it with you? Do you rule well your own house? Do you worship God, morning and evening, in your family? Do you deal with your children and servants touching their conversion? If not, you do not love their souls. And the reason is, you do not love your own. You may make what outward profession you please; you may sit down at sacrament, and talk about your feelings, but if you do not labour for the conversion of your children, it is all a lie. If you but felt the preciousness of Christ, you could not look upon their faces without a heart-breaking desire that they might be saved. Thus, Rahab, Joshua 2:13.

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  • attackfish

    He willingly spares a little to send the Gospel to the Jew

    Who don’t want it. And already know all about it, don’t worry. Forcing it on us is not an act of caring.

    and the perishing Hindus.

    Perishing? About 13% of the world is Hindu.

  • B.A.

    Thank You! From a fellow Jew. 🙂

  • SAO

    Self-righteous bigots who want to tell everyone else that they are worthless pieces of s* have existed throughout the ages.

  • Nea

    The atheists already know about it too, and the Sikhs would like to point out that they are not Muslim, thanks. Despite how they look to missionaries.

  • Saraquill

    Way to insult all the dads from the Old Testament, along with J*sus’ stepfather.

  • attackfish

    The frankly bizarre way Evangelicals assume non-Christians who live surrounded my Christians, or drenched in Christian made media know nothing about Christianity, and conversely that they know everything about the religious beliefs of all the non-Christians is extremely annoying.

  • Baby_Raptor

    What about those of us who don’t believe in “souls” at all? Are we still incapable of love?