Quoting Quiverfull: Sheltering Your Kids From The World Because Bible?

Quoting Quiverfull: Sheltering Your Kids From The World Because Bible? January 12, 2015

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by Kelly Crawford from Generation Cedar – Is it Right to Shelter Our Children?

Editor’s note: Crawford is trying to compare sending your children to public school as something similar to allowing your child free access to ‘porn’. Very bad analogy and straight up Evangelical fear mongering. Logic fail 101.

One effective way I have found to approach an ethical/moral dilemma is to think of it with an exaggerated hypothesis. In this scenario, I thought of how I want my kids to learn to deal with pornography.

Pornography is packaged beautifully. It is marketed to be full of pleasure and fun and excitement. We’re never shown the broken homes and hearts that lie in the wake of its path. It’s typical of sin: it lies.

For that reason, I want them to learn about it differently than the producers would teach them. And at the appropriate time. It would be foolish to try to have a conversation with my 4 year-old about words and images he doesn’t need to know. But it’s not wise to try to pretend, indefinitely, that pornography doesn’t exist.

Based on my friend’s opinion, taking this exaggerated example (though I’m not sure “exaggerated” is the right term since it is a reality), we might leave a stack of pornographic magazines in his bedroom to peruse at his leisure. We might even tell him “they’re bad”, but still give him access to process it on his own. To do that would be to let the lying marketers teach my children about this poison.

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